Welcome to the combined Home Page and Website for After Inside Timeshare and Timeshare and Resort Development Accountability, Inc. As our page image suggests, “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”, which will be reflected in the articles we publish, which is “The Truth”.

AIT & Tarda have much in common as far as our mission is concerned, AIT is focused on research and publication, with an emphasis on Europe, TARDA is there for US owners.

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There are very few places timeshare owners can get the truth about what is happening in the world of timeshare, with many of the websites having a vested interest in what information they give you, tailoring it to suit their needs. Their motive is to gain your business for their product or service, which may or may not be genuine.

Timeshare is an industry like no other, it is sold using some dubious techniques, and the most telling of all is the emphasis on making the “sale” today and today only. No other product demands that you have to decide to purchase based on a few hours in front of a sales agent.

It is a product which is sold on promises, unlimited destinations, and financial savings with the inference it is an “investment” and will go up in value. It is also the only holiday product that you pay for even if you do not use it, maintenance fees are part and parcel of timeshare ownership.

Then we have the problem of ending your “membership/ownership”, commonly known as an “exit”, some are better than others in this regard, but with an ageing membership base, wanting out is on the increase.

It is also an industry that has spurned a “sub-industry”, the resale companies, the “exit” companies and the “fake lawyers” with their court claims. The never-ending “Cold Calls”, offering these services which in most cases are “Scams”.

AIT will address these issues by giving you the tools to help yourselves, information based on TRUTH.

Enjoy the website

Timeshare Insider


Timeshare and Resort Development Accountability, Inc



To change

“what is”


“what should be”

Why Do We Matter?

There is no true consumer voice at the legislative level. While we understand that there are millions who use and enjoy their timeshare with no complaint, there are many who feel the industry needs fairer practices and greater disclosure.

The evolution from an estimated 1,590 Legacy, or single-site timeshare developments, morphed into a points-based timeshare system. This paved the way for ambiguity and confusion as to what a buyer actually purchases.

Timeshare and Resort Developer Accountability, Inc. (TARDA), seeks a legislative position through grassroots lobbying efforts spearheaded by current and former timeshare members. It is our belief there needs to be an improvement on both ends of the timeshare sale – the purchase and exit.

The Deficiency of State Regulation

Timeshare is regulated at the state level. The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) offered this warning about the lack of adequate protection for the timeshare consumer:

Unfortunately, the current landscape of the timeshare industry has exposed significant inadequacies in protection for those seeking to purchase, lease, or exit their timeshare contracts.

In Arizona, the Attorney General’s Office supported a 2019 bill with a number of protections for timeshare purchasers.  The original bill (HB2639) unanimously passed the Arizona House,18 but timeshare lobbyists were able to weaken the bill drastically in an Arizona Senate committee.19


The Need for Greater Disclosure

There is an over-reliance on the oral representation clause buried in the fine print of a voluminous contract. The timeshare consumer should be warned at or before attending a presentation that they should not rely on verbal statements made by timeshare sales agents.

Most solicitations require that it be disclosed if what the consumer attends is a solicitation. Existing member are often told they will be attending an educational meeting. There is no timeshare meeting that does not include the opportunity for a sales agent to sell more points.

In 2017, developers starting recording the closing session. The purchaser is not allowed to record the sales session. In the event of a dispute, the recording is used against the buyer. The buyer can only listen to the recording by subpoena. A common complaint is that the agent instructed the buyer what to say or not say on the recording. Hence, the complaint is dismissed because the buyer didn’t say anything on the recording.

The resort may not allow the sales session to be recorded, but the buyer can still do so in one party states where it is legal to record without the other person aware.

How We Became Involved

In 2016 a group of timeshare members questioned the fairness of the perpetual timeshare contract, given the lack of a viable secondary market. Original timeshare buyers, faced with age-related or lifestyle changes, can find themselves held timeshare hostage with no way to responsibly exit their timeshare. Some resorts offer a responsible exit, others do not.

Those who choose to finance their purchase through their developer, do so at an interest rate ranging from 12% to 19%. If life takes an adverse turn, the member quickly learns that they may have no choice but to default if their dispute cannot be resolved. There is little chance of selling a timeshare with a loan outstanding.

TARDA volunteers across the country encourage timeshare owners and members to work directly with their resort to resolve a dispute. If a complaint is dismissed, the member can file regulatory complaints with the appropriate state and federal agencies. If there is one thing we have learned, it is that many members need support and guidance navigating the regulatory process. Volunteers answer questions but cannot provide legal advice.

How Do You Become Involved?

Contact us through our “Contact Us” tab to share your experience or let us know if you would be willing to volunteer your time or treasure. Become a TARDA Supporter by simply clicking the Donate button to make a minimum donation of $10 or more. We’ll enroll you as a Supporter. A 501c4, donations are not tax deductible as a social welfare organization.

We thank all who have contributed to our cause. We also thank timeshare company representatives who have made efforts to address issues and resolve disputes. Together we can make the timeshare world a better and lasting experience for all.

Help Our Cause



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