A New Year and A New Fake Law Firm

The New Year has begun and so have the New Fake Law Firms, once again using the name and an adapted logo from a genuine law firm. The unusual thing this time is the letter was not sent via email, but by normal post, direct from Spain.

There is however one difference, the Fake law firm uses the name A3 Abogados 24 Horas, whereas the genuine firm is known as AB Abogados24H, and they have a website which it appears the fakes do not, so far we have not found one.

According to the genuine law firms website, the firm is registered with Spanish Company Registrations as:


Ronda General Miter 169-171 – 08022 – Barcelona

Website: https://www.ab-abogados24h.com/

Their email which is linked to their website is:  info@ab-abogados24h.com

Telephone: +34 900 927 027

The FAKE law firm uses the email: a3abogados@consultant.com

This is a free email service provider the same as Gmail etc, it is also one that we have seen used so often in the past by other fake firms.

The address on the letter is also in Barcelona:

A3 Abogados Avenida Contesa General 12 08022 Barcelona

This address does not come up on Google Maps.

They give two telephone numbers in their letter:

0800 802 1963 a UK freephone number

93 220 7328 a Spanish landline number for Barcelona.

Unfortunately, it  may be a virtual number that can be purchased from companies such as on the following link:


In the letter they actually make reference to the 0800 number, stating

“We have as a courtesy to the British public, dedicated a freephone number 0800 802 963, where an English speaking member of staff is on call Monday to Friday only between the hours of 10:00 to 17:00 and will gladly assist”.

That is very decent of them, mind you, they are after your money.

Speaking of which, according to the letter they have a very sound case against Petchey Leisure and our reader is being invited to join the claim at court. They even give information of a “supposed” court case on 14 March 2018, in which a person named as a director of Petchey Leisure had pleaded guilty at the Court of Arona, Tenerife. Apparently, he had no choice.

However, we have removed his name from the document which is in PDF format below, as we know for certain this case never took place and that this person has never been a director or employee of Petchey Leisure.

The letter also goes on to state that Petchey tried to file for “bankruptcy” a week later, but it appears that they were too late as the authorities had already passed the case to the Supreme Court, 48 hours after the alleged trial.

Well, again we have a lie, Petchey Leisure never filed for “bankruptcy”, that is a fact we do know.

The letter is also full of legal regulations which gives it a semblance of credibility and that they appear to know what they are talking about. That is unless you have any knowledge of the regulations they spout about.

As usual, the letter has many logos of various Spanish bodies which are there again to give credibility, there is also a lack of company details such as Company Registration Number, known as a CIF Spain. The letter is signed by Alberto Juani Zinaldo, Abogado, which has failed to show up on any searches so far. This is not surprising as many of the names from previous incarnations have had similar “made up” names like Zinaldo.

The genuine law firm has been informed.

Once again, we have to warn consumers and our readers of this development. This may seem genuine and will fool many, always do your homework and check out who is making contact about your timeshare.

If you have been contacted by these people or any similar please let us know, if you need any help in determining if any contact is genuine please use our contact page and we will help you find out.

Remember, doing your due diligence and homework will save you a lot of money in the end.


  1. Raymond Hunt

    I have been contacted on email by 24-7-a3-abogados.com re being able to get me compensation for my timeshare which I sold off over 10 years ago. Is this a scam as the documentation seems good but is very similar to ones you itemised above. I have kept the email which I can forward to you if needed.

    1. Timeshare Insider

      They are most definitely a scam, the forged documents are good and will fool most people especially if you have never seen genuine before.

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