After Break Catch-up

Most of us know that returning from a break tends to give you more work on returning, and we are not talking about the emails or anything like that. No, it’s getting yourself organised at home, like being attacked by an excited Baby Dog who doesn’t give you the time to get in the door.

As for timeshare matters, there has been plenty in the inbox having not taken any devices other than my personal phone, there is a lot to go through. There has been one important development which is now being researched and it is quite a surprising one.

From the initial information we have received, it appears a motion has been tabled with the Spanish Parliament regarding the current timeshare laws.  What these entail and the reasons behind them are not exactly clear at present, when our research is completed we will publish the information and explanations here.

We should also warn all owners and past owners, that if AIT has this information you can be sure it has been supplied to others, beware of what you are told. This is only a motion to table amendments, it has many processes to go through before it gets to the final vote by the full parliament and then it may not even pass.

While taking it easy with a bit of sightseeing around the Costa del Sol, we made an impromptu visit to the offices of M1 Legal and ECC, it was very insightful and pleasant to put faces to some of the names. Unfortunately, one of the lawyers, Adriana, was away on business in the UK so we could not catch up. AIT will be publishing an article on the visit in due course.

While in the area we also met up with the main writer for the TCA, it certainly made a change to chat over a couple of cold ones (non-alcoholic in my case), rather than over voice or video call. I also find it strange that people who write, tend to live in sunnier climes, yet spend most of their time at a desk indoors!

Irene as usual has been going non-stop, with several articles already lined up for final editing subject to any developments. Somehow she did put things down for Don’s big birthday celebration, so a belated Happy Birthday from AIT.

That is all for today, as you can see, Baby Dog has calmed down and taken up his position while I work.



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