After Inside Timeshare Suspended from Facebook

Yes, you did read the headline correctly, Facebook has suspended my account, which means that I am unable to use my personal account including messenger, it also means that the After Inside Timeshare pages are unable to be accessed.

According to the Facebook Gestapo, I have broken “Community Standards“, now for those who follow my pages, you will know the only posts which are likely to be controversial are the ones dealing with “TIMESHARE“, everything else is either humour or some personal posts.

Facebook and its GESTAPO do not even give any information as to the nature of any complaint that has been made, after all, it has to come from a complaint. This leads me to believe just like the Benn Dover suspension and subsequent banning from their own Facebook page Westgate Timeshare Hostages, leads me to believe only one thing:

Facebook are in the pay of the timeshare industry.

Not only has no information been given, but they also do not even allow you as the account holder to know or challenge the allegations, or have the right to reply. They offer no contact information, it is all done behind CLOSED DOORS.

This would not even be allowed in a criminal case, the right to face and question your accuser, and above all the right to defend yourself.

Please post this article to your Facebook pages and let Facebook know that they are totally out of line in their dealings with the very people who have made them a very rich company. Without us, the users, they would have no revenue from the advertisers who use their pages.

This is yet another example of how corporations are controlling our lives and censoring what we read and say, they are drowning out our voices and removing any form of personal opinion. This is not what our forefathers fought and died for.

To those who have sent messages using the Messenger App, please email any enquiries to so I can see and answer them.

Just to update you, it would appear that Facebook is as stupìd as we thought, they have suspended my account yet this is not me. I’ll bet you anything that they will not even apologise for any disruption caused, let alone admit it.


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