Another Dubious Company & Preview of Upcoming US Articles

Welcome to the start of another week with AIT, today we have a quick look at some of the upcoming US articles, but we begin with another name which has appeared in the never-ending “cold calling” campaign to entice you to sign up for “exits & claims”.

Jeremy Edwards Associates is the latest name being used in “cold calls” to timeshare owners offering “exits & claims”, in this case, one of our readers received a call regarding their Club la Costa membership. The “enticer” once again an “exit” and it was also inferred that our reader would receive “double” the amount of their purchase in a claim against the finance company that provided the loan brokered by the CLC sales reps.

Firstly, CLC provides a free exit to its members, so paying an “exit” company for this is just a waste of money, that is if they even attempt to do the job. See our previous articles:

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Due to the CLC sales companies now being in the process of liquidation, no genuine law firm is likely to take on any new cases to the Spanish Courts, if they do, you might win but are unlikely to ever get paid, a liquidated company has no assets left. So that leaves a claim against the finance company, which our reader is pursuing himself.

But the most telling point is the name of the “company” Jeremy Edwards Associates, there appears to be no such company registered either in the UK or Spain. On searching the internet there was still no result for any company of this name or similar, but there are plenty of references to the name Jeremy Edwards but nothing which points to timeshare or claims.

So once again we see the use of a “company name” with no registration or any internet presence, these always point to a “scam” in the making.

This Friday we bring you “Cantrell v Westgate Resorts – The Elusive Public Offering StatementBy Benn Dover, a Westgate Timeshare Hostage.

In this article, Benn Dover continues the theme from the previous article published in February, “Florida HB 575: Does The Consumer Lose?

Benn Dover is an enigma representing many families who believed their sales agents. An enigma is someone or something that is puzzling, mysterious, or difficult to understand. The only people who don’t understand Benn are those who blame the timeshare consumer, enabling the harm being done to thousands and thousands of families who made the grievous error of believing their sales agent.

There are also two other articles in the pipeline, but at the moment we are not sure which will be published first. This is dependent on whether the oral arguments in the Westgate – Military Lending Act case being heard on Tuesday are completed. Hopefully, this will be published by Irene Parker on Friday 21 October, Irene is attending the hearing so we look forward to her report.

Previous Article By Larry Lobbyist, a Westgate Resorts Timeshare Buyer

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If these “oral arguments” are not completed, then we will bring forward “Jury Awards FantaSea Resorts Timeshare Victims $1,069,284”, by Irene Parker.

Irene’s opening paragraph gives you a preview of the article, “I contacted FantaSea Resorts a few years ago about seniors who I felt experienced financial elder abuse. Their reports are below. We acknowledge the law firms Schroeter, Goldmark, & Bender and their partners Flitter, Milz, PC and the Law Offices of David Ricci for, against the odds, achieving a victory for those who have been harmed by unfair and deceptive timeshare marketing, sales and lending practices.”

Both of these articles are not to be missed, they are just the tip of the “proverbial iceberg” of legal cases against timeshare now hitting the US courts. Could we be seeing the first move to regulate timeshare in the US just like it was in Spain?

That is all for today, apologies for the shortness of today’s article as I am preparing for travelling back home after a quick visit to relatives in the UK. I received a picture of Baby Dog lying in my spot on the sofa looking a little sad and waiting for my return.


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