Club la Costa – Wyndham Rebranding: An End to CLC?

When Club la Costa announced (October 2021) the “Rebranding” of their resorts by Wyndham, it did take many by surprise, including CLC members. With the “Rebranding” of resorts in the UK, Spain, Canary Islands, Austria and Turkey to Wyndham or Ramada Residences, there were going to be many questions raised, not least by the members themselves. CLC jumped the gun with a letter to members on the announcement and “assured” them that nothing would change regarding their “Membership, usage and conditions”. But how true could this be?

Last week the TCA published a short article titled “Is Club la Costa slowly disappearing?”, a very valid question, especially for CLC members. It is also a question that we have seen our US cousins asking regarding the Hilton acquisition of Diamond, which left the gate open to abuse by sales agents using the uncertainty and lack of information available to members to their advantage.

In the article, they do point out some signs which have prompted their question, the most obvious is the Wyndham website, there is no mention of CLC or any “collaboration”, which was initially indicated. On the other hand, the CLC website has no mention of Wyndham either.

Another point is the Real Estate side of the CLC business, according to the TCA this has been “rebranded” from Club la Costa Estates to IDILIQ Homes. This company was registered just about 1 year ago, yet when you read the website it appears they have been around forever.

Digging a little deeper into company records reveals some disturbing information about the company, but a little more research is required. You will see the company registration at the link below and leave you to draw your own conclusions.

With all the uncertainty surrounding the takeovers of Diamond and CLC, it is probably very lucky for European members that there is no active “salesforce” operating at the resorts with “updates” galore. It has been well reported how in the US, members of Diamond and Hilton are being hoodwinked by the sales agents, I can just imagine the field day they would have in Europe.

But the most important point to the lack of information and the uncertainty is it leaves members vulnerable to false information by the scammers. We have seen this in the past with changes of management and takeovers of resorts, more recently it has surrounded the liquidations of several sales companies, including Club la Costa. All designed to scare the member into signing for claims and exit services.

As for verifying any claim made by the scammers with CLC, your enquiry will more than likely be answered by a member of staff who knows about as much as you or just spouts the official line. Whether CLC is going to disappear will only be answered in the future, but the writing is on the wall. As always with timeshare, we are dealing with “Smoke and Mirrors”, say one thing but do another, members don’t need to know.

Original CLC letter to members


TCA Article




IDILIQ Company Registration


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