Cold Calls and Scams: Two Examples

Unsolicited calls emails or text messages are all regarded as “Cold Calls” and should always be treated with caution as possible scams, even if their story sounds plausible. The only motive they have is to get hold of your money, using every possible “carrot” to entice you to sign up. Today we have a look at two which have come to our attention over the weekend, the first is the usual scam call for claims in the UK and the second is one from the US.

Last week the Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA) published their warning on a cold caller supposedly based in the UK. European Debt Recovery Services – Another EZE Group scam.

As you can see from the title it is aimed at consumers who have previously dealt with EZE Group, a case which was dealt with by Birmingham Magistrates Court back in 2019. According to European Debt Recovery Services “compensation” has been obtained by a “Spanish” lawyer in Madrid, and alarm bells have already been activated.

Firstly, EZE Group as our friends at the TCA have pointed out, never had any Spanish registered entity, so no case could be heard in any Spanish Court. Then we have the name of the company European Debt Recovery Services, forget the missing “Limited” as there is no such company registered at UK Company House.

This name is another which when searched comes up with a whole list of similar names, so verifying who they are becomes virtually impossible. According to the TCA, they do have a website but that was only registered six months ago and is registered in Moldova.

Just on this scant information, your alarm bells should be ringing as if it were the New Year.

Our second example is from our friends in the US, it is a recording of a caller named Amber who is representing Coast to Coast Rescission Group, yes, the name is familiar, it appears it may be connected to Coast to Coast Holdings.

In the message which is from a series of calls attempting to contact the consumer, Amber begins with a “coming action” against RCI, so that old chestnut has been resurrected.

For those of you who are unaware of this, it dates back to around 2010-2012, when a class action was taken against RCI. It was not the result that consumers who signed up for it expected. You can read the reports on this at the links below.

This is the message that was left for the consumer:

“Hello, this is Amber again from coast to coast rescission group. I’ve been trying to reach you regarding the upcoming action against RCI. I’m not sure if you received my message before, but there have been a high number of complaints. And since you’re listed here as an owner with one of their partner timeshare companies, you may be entitled to a refund. Now if you’re happy with your timeshare and you’re totally fine paying the maintenance fees each year, maybe you’re not interested in a refund. That’s perfectly okay. My job is just to inform you of the action and make sure you qualify. Give me a call as soon as you can so I can explain to you how you can take advantage of this. Our phone number here is 312-651-4853. That should forward directly to me or someone on my team can help you if I’m not available. Again, my name is Amber.”

This was a Diamond member who has not had their timeshare for the past three years.

Robocall Coast to Coast, Amber, calling:

Now it is not this which set off my alarm bells, it was actually their website, first, there is a lack of basic company details, such as a company registration number and where they are registered as a company. Then we have the lack of any Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions for using the website, basic requirements for any business website.

On further investigation of the very simple and basic website, we came across the heading “Clients”, or the “Testimonials” page. The first thing that struck me was the title:


from some of our favorite people.

So, they have “favourite clients”, not everyone is treated the same then?

As usual, it shows photographs of the “happy couples” who have been helped and their testimonials. No names are given or which developers were involved, just the familiar ones extolling the services of Coast to Coast.

But, it is when we began doing a search on the pictures of the “happy couples” that we have more than alarm bells ringing, we have a full-blown nuclear alert.

Follow this link to see the page and then follow the other links to find the same pictures used elsewhere in the world, unrelated to timeshare.

Where these pictures are also used.,7340,L-4954980,00.html…/life-couple-dies-minutes……/cindy-and-larry-road-to…/…/healthy-aging…

If you needed any further proof that a company is not what they say they are, then this one page on their website should be proof enough.

From other inquiries, we were also told:

They are “name change LLC” from Coast to Coast Holdings to Coast to Coast Rescission Group. This is the old BBB with no BBB for the resurrected company.…/coast-to-coast…/customer-reviews

We should also point out this link to the BBB revoking Coast to Coast Holdings’ “accreditation”.

The two examples we have shown here should be ample warning to all timeshare consumers that you cannot trust what you are told in any cold call or unsolicited email or text. If they are calling you, they do not want to help you they want to rob you.

While discussing the Coast to Coast example with Irene, she had this to say along with the link. It is worth a read.

Given Developers have gang-sued the known exit providers, every day, every single day, there is a new scam. The developers have their head buried in the sand to understand they caused this mess. Watch this news report. This is one of the zillions of scams.…/13189241/

That is all for today, we hope you all had a great weekend, Baby Dog slept for most of it, only waking up to annoy me while writing.


  1. Chris B.

    When ANYbody calls you out of the blue selling something, requesting to “help” you, asking for personal information, credit card, cash, signing documents, etc. regardless of their “terrific-sounding” fly-by-night spiel, your best bet is to safely assume it’s just another parasite scammer, because 10/10 times, it’s another parasite scammer.

  2. Patricia

    Yes already two people today. One saying I have been awarded € but I had to pay a brexit stamp and the other saying Silverpoint were now paying out.
    Here we go again.


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