Collaboration: The Key to Protecting Timeshare Consumers

There is a wealth of news available to timeshare owners, it’s just a case of knowing where to look, then you have the problem, “is what you are reading or being told true?” Just like the cold calls, some are fabricated or the truth is twisted to suit their needs, we see this in the descriptions of the many pitches we are told about.

During the days we do not publish, the time is spent on research and catching up with some of the other publications. Our old friends at the TCA, have this week published three very good articles.

The first is Timeshare USA, Florida News, it follows our own article on the FACT survey Could A Recission Period Before Signing be Useful?

The TCA article is very informative and will complement this Friday’s article by Irene Parker titled “TARDA’s Response to FACT’s Proposed “Cooling-Off” Period”. This particular piece of news has certainly sparked a lot of discussions, one thing that seems to be common to all and that is the stance of the Florida Attorney General.

In their second article Timeshare USA, Closing Ranks, looks at the legislation brought in by North Carolina, to regulate “exit” companies. A move that points to the “industry” manipulating legislation to suit themselves.

We agree there should be some regulation, there are many “dodgy” companies operating, but we do believe that it should be consumer-led and not in favour of the industry. An industry that has in fact caused the problem by its own mal-practices.

This article will I think go down well with our US readers.

The last article we are reviewing are their investigations into the fake law firm and documents, these were highlighted in our own Spotting The Fakes articles. After Inside Timeshare and the TCA have been sharing the research and with the extra resources at the disposal of the TCA, they have come up with some more interesting information.

In Incentive Leisure Group – Another fake court case”. It does go into a lot of detail including transcripts from emails received by their readers. It is through these collaborative efforts that After Inside Timeshare and the TCA along with you, our readers, are able to provide timeshare owners with factual information so that you can make an informed decision.

Remember doing your homework will filter the genuine from the fakes.

To end today, after we published the article on Monday, we were then greeted by our mascot “Baby Dog”, it was his reply to the end of the weekend.

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