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It is almost the end of the first week for After Inside Timeshare and we would like to welcome back some of our old IT readers, many of whom have joined our Facebook Group. In today’s short piece we shall have a quick look at some of the articles that are planned.

Tomorrow, we welcome back our old friend from the US, Irene Parker who has been a staunch advocate for change in how timeshare is sold and managed. Her efforts to help consumers in the US has not gone unnoticed, especially by the industry.

For those of you who remember her articles in the original Inside Timeshare, Irene gave a voice to those who felt they were alone and in a never-ending nightmare. Hence the accounts we published were given the title “Nightmare on Timeshare Street”.

Since then, through her efforts and those who have rallied around and offered their help, many of those “Nightmares on Timeshare Street” have been resolved. But that is not the end of it, there is still a long way to go and those nightmares for many are continuing.

In “How and When Self-advocacy and Consumer Education Resolves Timeshare Disputes”, Irene gives concise information on your first steps to timeshare freedom. It is full of links to help groups, groups formed for informing members of the news and giving the facts, there are also some links to our previous articles on Inside Timeshare.

So join us tomorrow for Irene’s first article on After Inside Timeshare.

Another upcoming article is also from Irene, this will give information on “How to Write and File a Timeshare Complaint”.

This will be a follow on from the previous article and will prove a useful tool in resolving your problems, after all, we all know there are many “companies” out there ready to take advantage.

Stories submitted from our US friends will be edited by Irene. For details on how to submit see the end of the article.

Many timeshare purchasers have financed their timeshares with loan agreements brokered by the very sales staff selling them the timeshare. At the time it appears to be just like making any other large purchase such as a car, how many of us have bought our new dream car on finance?

But what happens when things go wrong?

You file complaints and claims under various Consumer Credit Regulations, but they are rejected by the finance provider. You then begin the process of making appeals to the Financial Conduct Authority and Financial Ombudsman Service.

According to our research, the FOS finds 95% of timeshare complaints in favour of the finance companies!

Not a very good figure considering that both organisations are there to protect the consumer.

In this article, we will have a look at the FOS and the FCA, it may explain the reasons why timeshare consumers complaints and claims are being rejected.

Another article in the works is really a look at a piece of history, it is a report which was commissioned by the United Nations, of all organisations. The subject “Timeshare”.

You will not be surprised when you see who the main contributors are, all we can say is, it is the usual suspects in the timeshare world.

Would you like to share your experiences and help others to realise they are not alone, if so please use the email on our contact page?

For further information on your options regarding your timeshare and any finance agreement please use the enquiry form on our contact page.

You can also join our Facebook Group at

You are welcome to post comments and join in any conversation, it is through these discussions we find the truth about timeshare.


  1. Anthony Gartland

    I recently had compensation from Barclays Partner Finance due to their missellingbof a timeshare finance in 2015.
    As Barclays have been proved in the wrong does that mean the agreement originally signed with the resort in Malta still stands?
    It’s the Radisson Blue and was under Azure.

    1. Timeshare Insider

      You pose a very interesting question, for those whose agreements came under the FCA validation of “unauthorised” brokering, my personal opinion would be the contracts are void. There is also a reverse problem, loan agreements that were made by authorised brokers, but the timeshare contract has been deemed illegal and null and void in the Spanish Courts. One provider BPF consistently rejects any complaints and it is a hell of a battle with the FCA and FOS to get them to see the finance should also be cancelled.

      My initial advice is if you wish to terminate your membership, just tell them so and that you will no longer respond to any maintenance demands. The chances are you will be out.

      I hope this has helped to give some answers.

  2. Irene Parker

    Thanks for the mention Charles! No one can carry the burden alone. I thank our growing list of volunteers, members helping members, working to right wrongs. Our family loved our timeshares for decades, until we purchased points to stay in New York City. When attempting to book, it would cost about $10,000 a year in maintenance fees equivalent dollars, as opposed to about $3,000 booked online. Thinking I was doing something wrong, I called my resort and was told, “Oh, those properties are for members who have so many points they don’t know what to do with them all.” What? Three attorney general filings later I was offered a refund. I would have had to have signed an NDA, agreeing to never say anything disparaging about the company. That was the day I began to take on timeshare private equity, an unusual way to volunteer time, after retiring from the stock market.

    1. Timeshare Insider

      As I have always said, Irene, the industry only has itself to blame.

    2. David young

      You’re fantastic Irene keep up the great work

  3. Stephen Jeselnick

    I own four weeks at TMC. I want to support everyone and every effort for Justice and Owner relief.

    1. Timeshare Insider

      Please feel free to join one of the groups in tomorrows article.

  4. Lori K

    Thank you Irene and Charles for everything you do! I am so glad to see that there are still good people out there. This is definitely a monumental task. Keep up the great work!

  5. Carol Fisher

    Looking forward to Irene’s upcoming articles. Thanks for continuing to inform the public of resources to resolve complaints in navigating a complex and oftentimes wildly unregulated industry. Consumers need all the help they can get.

  6. Valerie Guerra

    Thank you for being and advocate for the victims and showing us the way to advocate for ourselves! I am beyond grateful there are people like you who are getting this information out to the people!!

  7. Luke

    We are left with no choice to default on our Westgate loan, having been promised we could offset maintenance fees and loan payments by renting. My partner and I don’t have time to vacation, but we were sold on the promise that the timeshare would pay for itself with Westgate marketing, in that we would rent it out if we could generate referrals. We did our part and even launched a Facebook page. We were not able to generate any referrals. We were led to believe we were establishing a viable business.
    My partner and I looked for Getaways offers and we shared the offers with our 236 followers. We spent money on ads. I have tried to talk to Westgate several times. Our agent never answered our calls. He promised he would help us with marketing our “investment.” He told us he would always be available.

  8. Sheilah Brust

    I am so happy Charles is back. He always has good information. It is always a helpful for people to read Irene Parkers articles.

  9. Jodie Womack-James

    Irene, I feel like I am at a stand still! UVC is still contacting me daily about my payment and of course its a recording. I call them and get no answer. This membership mess in Mexico is a nightmare on timeshare Street for sure! Good luck to everyone in this continued fight for humanity that are getting screwed by timeshare companies.

  10. Patricia Robson

    So pleased Ifound this site. Wondered what happened to Charles Thomas. Also what is the situation with Silverpoint and also the Hollywood Mirage.

    I look forward so much to your reply as I have missed Charles.


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