Control of Anfi Beach Concession

Last month we published the series on Anfi and the dream that turned sour, we also left the story very much open as it is one that always seems to have another drama. Well, true to form the Lopesan contingent and the Cazorla cohorts are at it again, this time it is the resurrection of the old argument regarding the control of the beach and the concessions at the Anfi Resort.

The two companies competing for the management of businesses and the concessions which are very lucrative, are Anfi del Mar S.L. with Lopesan now being the majority shareholder and the family company of Santana Cazorla, Gestiones y Explotaciones Narval S.L.

The prize which awaits the winner is the business concession to oversee the artificial beach we know as Anfi Beach such as the sun beds and beach umbrellas. But that is not all, it also includes jet skis and many other recreational activities and rentals, a restaurant and the Isla Corazon or Heart Island.

The Famous Anfi Beach

Another lucrative part of the deal is the marina with 90 berths which also boasts a boat repair shop and fuelling station.

Narval currently holds the concession which they gained in 2009, having indicated they are maintaining their previous “proposal” to invest 5.2 million euros which includes a yacht club and spa. It is reported that Anfi (under Lopesan control) are proposing 3.7 million euros.

One thing here that springs to mind, is the financial situation of the Cazorla Group of which Narval is part. We know from previous stories in the press and the plethora of court cases involving the Cazorlas, it does not appear to be in the best shape. So, this begs the question, if Narval and the Cazorla Group are granted this concession, can they actually deliver on their promise?

We should also point out that the “Director” of Narval is Alberto Santana Trujillo, the son of Santiago Santana Cazorla. So it looks very much like the Cazorla family is doing whatever they can to have a continued influence at Anfi.

As for the Lopesan group, La Provincia reported from Lopesan sources within Anfi del Mar, that they have now had the opportunity to make and present changes to their initial project. One proposal is to replace the mini golf with a tropical park, also requesting the 90-berth marina be included in the concession along with a fee being set for the use of the entire pier, at present that is not charged.

These and other proposals are pending the takeover of the management by the Canarian Government, it appears the General Directorate of the Coast and Sea, known as the “Costas” are not “competent” to manage such facilities. This is not surprising given the past relationship between the “Costas” and the Cazorlas.

Considering this has been going on since 2009 and all the legal battles through the courts, it is not expected that this particular issue will be resolved any time soon. As for the future of Anfi the resort, well who knows, until all the legal problems regarding the timeshare contracts, the investigations into the possible illegal movement of funds and the battle for control, are resolved we can only speculate.


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