End of Month Review

As yesterday was the last major Bank Holiday in the UK for this year and also the end of summer we decided to take a break as well, today we have a look back at what we have published in the last month.

Our first article was titled “Claims & Exits: Another Dubious Player?” which is part of our Consumer Awareness series. Timeshare Termination Team, which is not to be confused with a US firm of the same name, came to our attention from a number of readers. All were concerned about the information this company had about their timeshares, along with a rather dubious “pitch”.

On checking their website we found many inconsistencies in their text, such as under “Who Are We?”, where “they started in 2014”, yet the company was only incorporated in 2019, yet claims to have been operating 5 years before the company formation. Then new information came in and it didn’t look good.

This was published in the article “Update: BBC Investigated Timeshare Termination Team in 2020” and uncovered some real abuses regarding “client testimonials”. There are also some other very dubious links uncovered.

There followed our article on where the “cold callers” get your information, “Your Timeshare Data: Available To All”. It explored all the different ways in which your timeshare information is gathered and sold. A stark reminder of how careful you have to be.

We continued our series on The Military and Predatory Lending with “Report 5 of 6: Two More Military Careers in Jeopardy because of Timeshare”, this was followed by “Report 6: Active Duty Air Force – Timeshare Renting Jeopardizing Security Clearances”. We ended our Military series with “Veterans with Security Clearances and Timeshare Lending” and finally with “A Documented Soldier Battles Diamond Resorts”.

This last article has really got people’s blood boiling, it certainly has with all involved with AIT. No doubt there will be more to come in the future.

We also published a “Briefing Paper” on timeshare and the problems faced by “owners”, this was prepared by the House of Commons Library. A good report although the references are a little outdated. The report can be downloaded from the article. “House of Commons Library Research Briefing on Timeshare

We then had a brief look at “availability” in “Availability, Why Is It Such A Problem?” a question asked by many owners/members. This article explains some of the reasons and it also highlights a remarkable turn of events, with a former VP of a timeshare company willing to testify in court on behalf of a consumer.

Making an appearance on our pages after a long absence is the “Fake” lawyers from Tenerife, which we named the “Litigious Abogados Family”. It is probably one of the longest-running frauds we have come across.

The lengths they have gone to gain “credibility” and dupe you the consumer is amazing, see more in the article. “Fake Lawyers from Tenerife and the Long Running Fraud

No doubt there will be more from this little lot in the future, we will also bring you any news on previously published articles as things develop, we hope that for our Military and Veteran stories, we will see an end to their “Nightmare on Timeshare Street”.

We hope that you all had a good weekend, Baby Dog finally got out and about with a long run around the sand dunes. This picture says it all!




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