Exposed: The Truth Behind Silverpoint Part 4

Welcome to Part Four of Silverpoint the truth exposed, in our previous 3 articles Exposed: The Truth Behind Silverpoint, we laid out the foundation and the history of the Bob Trotta Empire, the employment of Kwang Boon Sim and the myriad of companies he founded to whisk away millions for Trotta. We also looked at how with the death of Bob, his family began to split over the inheritance and also the introduction of Alex Lawson, who is charged with liquidating the companies to protect the Trotta fortune. Today we go into a little more detail and introduce the Limora Group.

Here we go with Episode 4 of our Hollywood Blockbuster “The Rise and Fall of the Trotta Empire”.

The Limora Group is the company at the head of all the other companies which are just known as “shell Companies”, the purpose of which is to distract the authorities making it very hard work to keep track of and trace the money. A problem the Court Appointed Administrator and the Authorities in Tenerife are facing with the Silverpoint liquidation.

The trust operates most of its companies in Panama and The British Virgin Islands as these are jurisdictions traditionally known for secrecy, and for a long time, it worked. However, like all people driven by greed, eventually one makes mistakes and a recent one was by Alex Lawson along with his team to put Excel Overseas Holdings (EOH) into liquidation.

Based in Dubai, Excel Overseas Holdings had created the product ELPP (Excel Lodgings Participation Program), with hundreds of people purchasing these participations. In the first year, all seemed to be good with all those putting money in, it appears they were getting what they were promised.

In fact, Excel Overseas Holdings used the money from other consumers to help keep the various group companies in business and in total around 10 million was taken by Excel Overseas Holdings. EOH, are part of the Limora Investments group of companies.

Alex Lawson, the children all being represented by Doug Campbell a former CEO, Ragni Trotta and the Alvarez team decided they did not want to honour the promises made to innocent customers and applied to the court in the BVI to put the company into provisional liquidation, claiming that Excel could not meet their obligations and that somehow the management had done something wrong. In reality, the family, the bank that owned the trust and the Lawson team of executive “highwaymen” decided it would be a good idea to “rob” consumers of their hard-earned money, all so they could use it to continue to fund their luxurious lifestyle in the mountains of Colorado and the rolling hills of Tuscany.

It must not be forgotten that Alvarez and Marsal are able to charge huge amounts of fees by acting in this way, so everyone is happy except that is for the hundreds of worried consumers who have paid with their hard-earned cash and trusted the company!

In keeping with their “modus operandi” Alvarez and Marsal appointed themselves as liquidators, all so they could keep a very tight lid on what actually happened to the money and who the company was that Excel owed money to!

The fact the debts of Excel Overseas Holdings are, yes, you guessed it, a company owned by the same people and therefore cannot be used as a reason to close down the company, especially when in the process it hurts real people. This complete lack of morality seems to have been lost on the Trotta family, Kwang Sim and Alex Lawson. It is strange that Kwang Sim who was a director of Excel Overseas Holdings and one of the “masterminds” of the ELPP, seems to have been omitted from the letter that Alvarez sent to participants of the ELPP. Instead, they have set out a carefully crafted letter which was intended to imply the program was not set up properly, In fact, the agreements contained within the program were exclusive to Limora related companies”!

Alex Lawson and his team are making a complete mockery of the corporate legal system and all with the sole intention of avoiding their consumer obligations, aiding and abetting the greedy Trotta family in their bid to keep a few more millions.

At the time of writing, we had it on very good authority that criminal and civil proceedings are being planned against the bank, Kwang Boon Sim and the team at Alvarez for their part in this well-orchestrated conspiracy. So far nothing has yet been made public.

What is a very big shame in this whole affair, is that some of the people who introduced consumers to the program in good faith are now being informed by Alvarez that they are not allowed to even talk to participants when they make contact about their worries. No doubt, this is so Alvarez, Kwang Sim and the Trotta family, watched very carefully by the bank, can control the information and attempt to contain the fallout!

We will continue to monitor this story so we can expose the truth along with the investigating teams who are working hard to build very strong evidence to put the instigators in jail. Kwang Sim is currently hiding out in his million-pound mansion in the UK, while, Alex Lawson enjoys his paradise lifestyle on the sun-kissed island of Grand Cayman, but for how long?

Join us next week for Part Five of this unbelievable but true story, in this episode, there is more subterfuge and deceit, with the participants on the verge of panic. We also see the main instigator’s cowardice as he plans to run while ensuring some innocent employees take the fall.

We hope you all had a fabulous weekend, we all did and Baby Dog didn’t seem to like the fact I was working and made it abundantly clear.



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    Justice is on the way for a lot of wealthy untouchables!

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