Fake Lawyers from Tenerife and the Long Running Fraud

Way back in September 2016 while writing for the previous publication Inside Timeshare, the first of the “Fake” law firms supposedly based in Tenerife made an appearance, Litigious Abogados. There was a previous one going by the name of Litigar Abogados and these were obviously linked and being operated by the same people.

As time progressed, more began to appear, with a frequency of around three months a new name and website came online, they became known as “The Litigious Abogados Family”. All the websites were identical apart from the name and logo, the date of incorporation and the names of the lawyers which were accompanied by photographs of genuine people downloaded from other sites. The same images were used on several websites with only name changes, some were quite humorous.

It was not just the websites which were the same, all used the same format for the fake court documents, and all the letters carried numerous logos of genuine organisations such as the Colegio de Abogados. These letters were also very lengthy full of quotes from different laws the case revolved around, but all the same apart from the “defendant company” along with the “named director”. Many genuine timeshare names have been used, with most clearly never being associated with the named companies.

The scams all took the same format, a court case was being filed or had been filed and you are part of it, backed up with fake court documents, if the case had already been “heard”, a copy of a cheque showing what you had been awarded. The cheque incidentally was fake, it belonged to a bank which didn’t exist, swallowed up by a bigger bank, with all the name changes etc.

Then there were the fees and taxes which needed to be paid, these were made payable to their “procurator” into a named “personal” account. Very loud alarm bells on that one.

The scam even progressed to sending the “cheque” by post to the “client”, who upon receipt found the “jiffy bag” opened, containing a letter and a staple in one corner with a torn piece of paper, where the cheque should have been.

Needless to say, another series of letters arrived by either post or email, these stated that the cheques had been cashed, but the good news is they have identified a “gang of East Europeans” and 14 local postal workers in the theft.

The problem was that another “fee” was payable to start proceedings to get the money back, and so the scam progressed. Each new phase brought new demands for “legal fees and taxes” along with whatever else they could think of.

Their cheek didn’t end there, it was the use of photographs of genuine persons as “their lawyers”.

The first memorable “identification” was in June 2017, it depicted the “founder of the “Law Firm Armando Gareca Abogados”. He was named as Agustin Bigote Pringata, but in fact was the Azerbaijani Ambassador to Argentina, Rashad Aslanov. The first picture was from their website, the second is the official photograph of the Ambassador handing his credentials to the Argentinian President. This picture was published in March 2017, two months before being used by the fraudsters.

The cropped image used on the website
The original image


Rafael Caldera, the 39th President of Venezuela who passed away in 2009,  was the next prominent person to be used, he was portrayed as the founder of SG Abogados Raul Degelis Grinudos.

The cropped image from the website
Same image from Wikipedia entry


Our next identification was for the “founder” of Torcaz Abogados, Fernando Olawza Garcia and Amador Dularta Colatamo of Abogados El Paloma. The genuine person is in fact a distinguished US Judge, Judge Dana Makoto Sabraw, for the United States District Court for the Southern District of California.

Fernando Olawza Garcia
Judge Dana Makoto Sabraw

Abogados Las Alas was the next one with a double identification. Alberto Canbamo Farola was named as the “founder” of the firm,  the photograph shows a rather distinguished gentleman, but Alberto is not genuine. His real name is Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and is still the current President of Mexico, he assumed office on 1 December 2018.

Along with the Mexican President, they also portrayed one of their senior lawyers, Antonio Lamamel Cunio, who is, in fact, Carlos Torres Vila, he just happens to be President of the Spanish banking group BBVA.

The above appeared on the website
The original photograph

These are just some of the prominent people they have used, many more lawyers, public servants and secretaries have had their images downloaded from company websites, news outlets and general image searches on the likes of google. They even reversed the images and changed them into monochrome in an effort to prevent identification, didn’t work did it?

The list of names used for the law firms, procurators and asseorias numbered 87 when it was published in March 2019, since then many more have been added with the latest being Litigandolo Abogados.

  1. 24hnotificaciones                                                                      
  2. Abogacia Española                                                                    
  3. Abogados Abel Garcia                                                              
  4. Amador Ganeca – Amador Juandoz Ganeca     
  5. Abogados AG – Armando Gonzalez Areca                           
  6. Abogados Amable Garcia                                                        
  7. Abogados Canarias                                                                   
  8. Abogados Galvera                                                                     
  9. Abogados Litigacion España – JDD                                       
  10. AG Abogados                                                                              
  11. Alberto Kalimro Galvera Abogados                                       
  12. Alberto Diendro Nabalez – Litigacion España                     
  13. Alberto Rogalvera                                                                      
  14. Alejandro Omross Procuradores                                            
  15. Amador Galeca Abogados                                                        
  16. Amador Ganeca                                                                          
  17. Amador Malodan Galeca                                                          
  18. Angel Alarcon Prieto Notario                                                  
  19. Armando Gareca Abogados                                                     
  20. Auxiliar Lawyers                                                                        
  21. Auxiliares Lawyers                                                                    
  22. Auxilium SA                                                                                
  23. Bulganu & Valentin Asesoria                                                  
  24. Carlos Igraim Procurador                                                        
  25. Carlos Ingramo Procuradores                                                
  26. Carlos Imgran Procuraduria                                                   
  27. Darstun Jilmo Davida Procurador                                        
  28. Davido Thursta Procurador                                                    
  29. Daniel Marco Yariz Procurador                                             
  30. Elias Elisa SA                                                                             
  31. Elinabeta Yessica Elierz Procuradores                                 
  32. Elisabetta Olias Asesoria                                                        
  33. Embalori Abogados                                                                 
  34. Emilio Leyes Catillianos                                                         
  35. European Union Complaints                                               
  36. EU Litigation Services                                                           
  37. Fernando Holaci                                                                     
  38. Ivana Birka Asesoria                                                              
  39. Jessica Kiegle Procurador y Notario                                   
  40. Juan Luis Partalabo Lawyer                                                
  41. La Litigacion Española                                                          
  42. Legalidad Abogados S.A.                                                       
  43. Legalidades Abogados                                                            
  44. Legalidades Tenerife                                                               
  45. Legitimous – legitimos Abogados                                         
  46. Litigacion abogados                                                                
  47. Litigacion Espana SL                                                              
  48. Litigaciones SL                                                                        
  49. Litigar Abogados                                                                    
  50. Litigious Lawyers -Litigious Abogados                             
  51. Luca Linder Trust                                                                  
  52. Luna Kinden Asesoria                                                          
  53. Manuel Amas Conde                                                            
  54. Manuel Cilavoz Varintos – Varintos Abogados               
  55. Manuel Diralam Abogados                                                 
  56. Manuel Hidualdo Abogados                                               
  57. Marco Cravina Asesoria – Marco Carvina                        
  58. Marco de Ciocci Translator                                                 
  59. Marco Gravinal Procurador                                                
  60. Miguel Mesa Martinez                                                          
  61. Miguel Mesa Montoya                                                          
  62. Nabalez Abogados – Alberto Dilendro Nabalez              
  63. Notario Yari Marca S.A.                                                       
  64. Owners Association                                                              
  65. Paulo Finucie Asesoria                                                        
  66. Paulo Morris Asesoria                                                          
  67. Poveda Lawyers                                                                     
  68. Procurador Ramon Juanco Comez                                    
  69. Procurador Ramon Josardo Golmerz                               
  70. Procuradores Alexander Bowross                                      
  71. Procuradores Comerz – Ramon Juanca Comez              
  72. Procuradores Golmerz                                                         
  73. Procuradores Gomerz – Ramon Josema Gomerz           
  74. Procuradores Gonzalez – Alfonso Emilio Gonzalez        
  75. Procuradores Igraim- Carlos Rihom Igraim                    
  76. Procuradores Omross – Alejandro Omross                       
  77. Procuradores Salinas – Miguel Salinas Procurador      
  78. Procuradores Raya – Miguel Earas Raya Procuradores  
  79. Procuradores Tabreul – Abel Deraza Tabreul                   
  80. Procuraduria Carlos Gregorio Ingramo                             
  81. Ramon Mesa Gorrin                                                              
  82. Ricardo Zanino Asesoria                                                       
  83. Roberto Arturo Sanson Abogados
  84. Rodrigo Hoya Asesoria
  85. Simone Mesa Martinez Abogados       
  86. Simone Meza Mendez                
  87. Thirstun & Robi Claims Asesoria  

You have to admit the names they choose for their firms, lawyers, secretaries and associates have always proved to be hilarious, especially some of the variations of the same name. They are also suspected of being involved in similar scams emanating from Greece and Mainland Spain, which also bear the hallmarks of the “Litigious Abogados Family”

What we now have to consider is the lengths these fraudsters have gone to in setting all this up, there are the websites, email addresses and telephone numbers, then all the documents and letters to be produced, then let us not forget all the associated bank accounts. Somewhere along the line identification will have been needed, either it is genuine and stooges are being used or forged identification has been used, there will always be a trail.

We also wonder how many people have succumbed to the scam and paid the “fees & taxes” all influenced by fake documents and a very convincing pitch, it has to be a hell of a lot for this scam to be running for around 7 years and is still going.

These true-life scams really do reinforce the point about “Cold Callers, Unsolicited Emails, Post and Texts”, never take at face value anything they tell you, don’t be swayed by the promise of thousands being returned, the only thousands will be taken from you. Do your homework, check and check again, but rule number one is if they called you then it is 99.9% certain of being a scam.


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