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Welcome to the start of another week, we begin with a quick tour of the topics found on social media and a quick look at coming articles from our US friends. I must admit, Irene is a bit more organised than I am in her scheduling, I on the other hand tend to take the what’s in the news approach. Some articles are sparked by conversations, one took place via email over the weekend, and it will be a Brief History of Crime & Timeshare in Europe, so look out for that one.

We all tend to use social media and it is also one of the first places we go to for answers, it might be to ask about a particular product and where to get it in your area, whatever the question, you may just find the answer.

It is also a great notice board, especially when it comes to specific groups like timeshare, one example is the warning of yet another “Scam Cold Caller”.

This appeared on one of the groups AIT follows, these have appeared on our pages in the past and it seems they are up and running another campaign. The name is West Midlands Compliance Agency, yes, it is yet another pseudo-official name which cannot be verified.

The telephone number is a Birmingham code, but this means nothing as it is more than likely a VOIP number purchased for this scam: 01216303519.

It should also be pointed out that the caller also claims to be a “Government Agency”. Never known the Government to “COLD CALL”, apart from the “Revenue Men” doing a raid, you could call that a “cold call”!

On the news front, it seems some of the members of the Azure, BPF & FCA debacle are having a few problems with Barclays. It appears BPF are claiming that much of the client’s paperwork has never been received, even though the senders have confirmation of receipt.

Is this BPF trying their old delaying tactics again, or is it the old story of the left-hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing?

Coming from the US, there was late news of another protest by Westgate Hostages on 2 June, at the Westgate Resorts Branson. Not sure what the turnout was but we hope you got your point across,

But we also have to show the downside of social media, these are adverts posted on one particular forum, Timeshare Cancellation Information. We should also point out that when AIT posts an article, it now doesn’t appear, it remains in “PENDING”.

The page has turned into a free for all, with dubious persons touting for business, and fake profiles recommending companies known to be scams. It also appears that many timeshare owners are now realising what this forum is as there are very few questions asked now.

What we do have is an illustration of what is going on there, and it also answers your question “Where did they get my data?”

Post Number One

Timeshare resale leads

I have Contract leads – These people paid to have their timeshare put up for sale.

Opt-in aged timeshare leads -These are owners that requested more information on how to sell their timeshares.

Owners list, People that are timeshare owners at specific resorts

Post Number Two

Post Number Three


I am currently generating fresh timeshare leads through bulk email and bulk phone messaging. I have 2 companies already using my leads but I am making more than they are currently buying from me.

I am making between 100-500 extra leads per week.

These are FRESH EMAIL and SMS generated timeshare resale leads. The companies I make them for have me sending a letter that states no upfront fees. But we all know how that goes.

Most Lead companies charge between $55-$75 per lead I DON’T.



This last post even explains how these leads are generated, so as always the first line of defence is to not answer any of these emails or text messages and to ignore any cold calls. Once you give an answer you are basically giving them permission to sell your data.

As I said at the start, Irene is more organised than I am, this is what we have on offer for the coming month. Obviously, these are subject to change if any last-minute resolutions or more important information arises.

June 9 The Evolution of Kirchners v Wyndham Vacation Resorts – A Class Action Lawsuit —

June 16 Judges Deny Motions to Dismiss Claims of Timeshare Fraud —

June 23 A Velas Resorts Solicitor Offers a New Twist on an Old Scam —

June 30 Archambeault et al vs Wyndham Vacation Resorts – Up To 57 Complaints Against the Same Sales Agents —

Also in the pipeline with a Brief History, will be a look at yet another version of timeshare, which is not sold as timeshare and makes the question of What is Timeshare, a more confusing one. It may also reveal and explain why the FCA may have been “mislead” in the Silverpoint claims regarding the “investment packs”.

That is all for today, we hope you had a great weekend, with all the research, Baby Dog felt he was being neglected, so he tried every trick and face in the book. It worked.

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