Happy New Year

Welcome to the start of a New Year with AIT & TARDA, it is also 1 year since AIT replaced the old Inside Timeshare and began a new journey as a totally independent platform for bringing you factual news about the world of timeshare. We have highlighted the bad practices of the timeshare developers and reported on the scams that are all around timeshare and their Modus Operandi, in many cases we have named the companies involved and the various names they previously used. AIT has also continued to publish the “Nightmare on Timeshare Street” stories from our friends across the “Great Lake”, with articles from Irene Parker and a few new contributors. This has resulted in the merger of AIT & Tarda into one website, making it easier for you the consumer to find all the information you may need in one place.

We start the New Year with our first article from Irene, “The FTC and the CFPB Again Supports the Timeshare Consumer”, with some very useful information on why and how to file a complaint. There will also be news on developments from our previous articles, with some very important cases going through the courts and we hope to report on successful resolutions for our “Nightmare on Timeshare Street” victims, most of which are seniors and Veterans.

Our first major European article will be published on Monday 9 January, titled “Anfi: The Story Behind The news”. It is the story of how one man’s dream changed and the spiral of disasters that followed, over the five episodes you will see how the “Anfi Dream” became the “Nightmare” and the story is not over yet. Over the coming weeks, we shall also be looking at the Anfi Tauro Beach Project, the impact it had and still has on the local community, along with all the “behind the scenes” dealings which have resulted in a criminal investigation and prosecutions.

On the last Friday of 2022, we published the article by Larry Lobbyist, “A New Year Save the Date: Westgate Orlando Protest January 5“, it explains the event which is being held tomorrow at Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa. If you cannot attend please use your Social Media to highlight and support the protestors. Details on the event and location can be found by clicking the following icon.

That is all for today, join us on Friday with our first article of the year from across the “Great Lake”, tomorrow in Spain we begin to celebrate “Día de los Reyes Magos” or Three Kings Day on Friday. The parades through the streets are usually quite spectacular and it is also the day the children traditionally receive their presents. So for those who will be celebrating tomorrow, have a great day.



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