Lemon Lion Or Lion Lemons Timeshare Exit Company?

A common theme on our pages is cold calls, unsolicited emails and text messages, which include social media platforms. The vast majority turn out to be nothing more than scams. We have reported on attempts to “infiltrate” Facebook Groups, some of which are closed, private forums, yet predators attempt to “illicit” business. This article shows the lengths one such “Company” will go to in order to fill their coffers.

This article has been a long time in the making, there has been a lot of research into the main characters, and we make no apology for the divulging of criminal histories, obtained through public records. It is only fair for those they pursue to know who they are dealing with.

Over the years we have heard many stories of how people have been duped, some have been appalling, but never have we come across an attempt such as this – to pose as a “victim” to “solicit” others for financial gain, is in our book one of the most despicable. Once they gain entry, they Private Message those who post expressing their desire to exit or resolve a dispute.

These Facebook Self-Advocacy Groups advise timeshare members and owners work directly with their resort to resolve disputes or seek release. The first rule is NO SOLICITATION. Lemon Lion predators pay no heed or respect. Three Facebook Groups have been plagued by parasitic attempts to solicit by the owner of Lemon Lion and his minions.

Beware of Lemon Lion

There are a handful of exit companies trying to do right in their effort to help people who need support seeking release from a timeshare, or to resolve a dispute. We have communicated with these companies and have mutual respect. Some of them joined our self-advocacy Facebook Groups. They don’t troll the Groups as they market professionally. They are there to observe.

The real culprits in this mess are the Developers that rely heavily on the oral representation clause, did their best to suppress a viable resale market, and have allowed repeat offender sales agents to prevail. They created the exit industry. There are still a number of timeshare companies that have no responsible exit.

The owner of Lemon Lion, Michael Labrada and his sister, Chantal Labrada, used to work for Sapphire Cancellation, with an F BBB rating. Below are Michael Labrada’s private messages to Irene Parker that began in January of 2018 and continued into 2019. Following Lemon Lion’s shady tactics is a list of just a few of the exit companies that went out of business, were sued out of business, or changed names and started a new company.

When Michael and Chantal were repeatedly removed from the Facebook Groups, they had employees attempt to join. They used fake or personal profiles. Removed were Todd Berkley, Javier Domingo, and Jan Molina. BOLO (Be on the Lookout)

One of Chantal’s Sapphire clients said they were told she and Michael left Sapphire because Sapphire was not honoring their money-back guarantee. We can attest to that. An active duty Navy service member paid Chantal $2,800 to be released from Tahiti Village, Soleil Management. He is still waiting for his refund. Michael Labrada’s criminal history is included in his report:

https://afterinsidetimeshare.com/military-consumer-month-predatory-timeshare-lending-r eport-1-of-6/

One Welk Resort timeshare owner said that when she mentioned our self-advocacy efforts to Michael Labrada, he told her no one can exit a timeshare without paying someone. Welk had a responsible exit program available for $500. When at Sapphire, Michael was going to charge her $4,500. Although she and Irene were #60 on hold before Christmas, and #120 on hold the week after Christmas, they prevailed and the owner was released for $500. She had to bring her maintenance fees current, as is required by any responsible exit program.

Current Alerts For This Business (Sapphire)

Alert: The Lucas Law Firm has indicated to BBB that it has terminated its representation of Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation, LLC as of February 24, 2023.

https://www.bbb.org/us/fl/orlando/profile/timeshare-cancellation/sapphire-consulting-ser vices-llc-0733-90576533

Compare the Sapphire report to the Trustpilot report for the newly formed company:

Lemon Lion Consulting is a team of highly trained individuals who, combined, have over 20 years of experience in the timeshare industry.


Michael Labrada, timeshare expert’s Private Message to Irene in 2018

Michael: Hello Irene So my father in law recently purchased a timeshare under high pressure. I need to help him if possible. I’m wondering what steps I can take being that I’m handling this on his behalf.

What is really bizarre, is that beginning in January of 2018, Michael Labrada lied about his motives for joining one Facebook Group. He sent Irene the following Private Messages asking for help with his sister’s timeshare.

Jan 4, 2018

Michael Labrada: Hi Irene! Thanks for the feedback.

Can you tell me how you help people out of their timeshares with no attorney?

My sister also has one and we payed (spelled wrong) 3500 to get rid of my mom’s so I’m wondering if you can educate me on what I should do so my sister doesn’t have to pay 3500 as well.

Irene referred Michael to our homepage which contains a “Dispute Resolution” article written by one of our volunteers.

January 7, 2019

Michael: So you own a timeshare AND you help people out of them?

Irene explained that after filing complaints with three attorneys general, she was offered a refund but refused to sign the NDA. This prompted her to encourage others to resolve their own dispute without retaining a third party.

Michael: I see

Irene provided two articles of timeshare members who resolved their dispute without paying anyone.

April 21, 2019

Michael: Hello Irene So my father in law recently purchased a timeshare under high pressure. I need to help him if possible. I’m wondering what steps I can take being that I’m handling this on his behalf.

Irene referred him to our Facebook Group Files. I replied, “We don’t get people out. We answer questions people have when filing regulatory complaints if the timeshare company won’t help and the filing of regulatory complaints often results in a positive outcome.

Michael: Awesome, I live in Orlando. I’ll check out the files. If you have time before you head back, I’d love to meet you and pick your brain on the subject.

Irene told Michael about eight Platinum members who had scheduled a protest in Orlando.

Michael: What’s happening there and how can I help?

Irene asked Michael to call. He didn’t. Not knowing his criminal history, I provided him with my cell phone number.

May 13, 2019 Irene’s message to Labrada:

Why did you refer someone to an exit company?

Michael: I just went back and read her post. I thought she said she started with one. And I figured if she is going with one to refer her to one that doesn’t charge up front. Or at least that’s what I hear.

So yeah, my mistake I read her post wrong (emojis hand hitting face and arms outstretched in a what pose?)

Irene told the admin she “knew you were okay but we removed the other guy who worked for an exit company.”

Michael: Lol I meant no harm.

Irene said, “I’m glad I know who you are.”

Michael: Same

Irene asked if he knew where to park for the protest

Michael: I did… however, I may not be able to attend Friday. Possibly over the weekend tho. Something important came up and I won’t be free till around 3 tomorrow.

Called as a non-party witness when a law firm was filed, Irene raised money for legal fees. She asked Michael for a donation. That was the last she heard from him until Jan 14, 2022. She received a PM with a suspicious message “look what I found” and a link. (That she didn’t open)

Just a few exit companies that went out of business, were sued out of business, or changed their names:

1) Resort Release filed for bankruptcy April 19, 2019. They were endorsed by Laura Ingraham on FOX


2) Castle Law went out of business and the attorney owner, Judson Phillips, was disbarred. Their clients were awarded $1.9 million.

https://dsnews.com/daily-dose/04-23-2018/castle-law-defendants-awarded-1-9- million-in-legal-fees

3) Timeshare Freedom Group launched with an obnoxious jingle on TV ads Victims of Timeshare Freedom Group Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/204110038472234/

Jordan Salkin was the owner and founder of Timeshare Freedom Group.

Geller said Salkin beat his live-in girlfriend in Irvine to the point where she fell into a coma and remains hospitalized.

https://patch.com/california/orange-county/defense-attorney-accuses-oc-prosecutor-ne wport-beach-police-abuse-power

4) Cornerstone Vacation Ownership and the Cyria Group, Cory Stegemann, Cornerstone owner, worked at Wyndham’s Carriage Resorts. He also served on the Board of CVOA (FNA CRDA), the Canadian equivalent to the timeshare industry lobby ARDA.

My family is among many families who have lost money to Wyndham in the form of maintenance fees paid for a timeshare not being used, and to Cory Stegemann’s Cornerstone Vacation Ownership and the Cyria Group. Like many employees of exit companies, Cory Stegemann worked in sales at Carriage.


5) Square One Jan 4, 2020 — George Reed is a convicted felon for child porn. His buddy also charged is on the sex registry list too so they must be friends. This is what happens when you …


6) Federal Trade Commission Lawsuit

United States of America and State of Wisconsin, Plaintiffs v. Consumer Law Protection, LLC, a Missouri limited liability company;


7) Consumer Rights Council, a Missouri nonprofit corporation;

8) Premier Reservations Group, LLC, a Missouri limited liability company;

9) Resort Transfer Group, a Missouri limited liability company, also doing business as Consumer Law Protection Lawyers;

10) Square One Development Group, Inc., a Missouri corporation, also doing business as Square One Group; Square One Group, LLC, a Missouri limited liability company;

11) Timeshare Help Source, a Colorado limited liability company;

The U.S. Department of Justice, on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission, and the Wisconsin Attorney General, filed suit against Consumer Law Protection and related companies, along with their owners and operators, Christopher Carroll, George Reed, Louann Reed, Scott Jackson, and Eduardo Balderas for scamming consumers—mostly older adults—out of more than $90 million in a massive timeshare exit scam.


12) Timeshare Termination Team, LLC (also known as Vindaloo Travel Network LLC, doing business as Brolly Travel and Timeshare Termination Team) filed a chapter

7 bankruptcy on September 30, 2021. The assigned case number is 21-15008-KHT. https://www.cob.uscourts.gov/timeshare

13) Timeshare Elimination Team (not to be confused with)

F BBB Rating

https://www.bbb.org/us/nv/las-vegas/profile/timeshare-advocates/ts-elimination-llc-10 86-90042170/complaints


14) Timeshare Exit Team, they were endorsed by Dave Ramsey and Steve Harvey

15) OLYMPIAAttorney General Bob Ferguson today announced that Kirkland-based timeshare exit company, Reed Hein & Associates LLC, must stop its deceptive timeshare exit practices and pay $2.61 million to Washington. If the company violates the terms of the consent decree, it will be required to pay an additional $19 million — a total judgment of $22 million. Reed Hein also retracted and apologized for statements made in response to the Attorney General’s lawsuit.

https://www.atg.wa.gov/news/news-releases/ag-ferguson-reed-hein-pay-261-million-re solve-timeshare-exit-scheme-lawsuit

16) Not to be outdone, the US Treasury has issued sanctions against Jalisco. Mexico cartel that distributes fentanyl and timeshare exit scams in the US. But cartel members and associates apparently decided to branch out into scamming millions of dollars from people looking to sell their timeshares in Mexico. The scam focused on Puerto Vallarta, in Jalisco state, an area dominated by the cartel, known by its initials as the CJNG. The gang inspires so much fear in Mexico that it is often simply referred to as “the four letters.”

US sanctions Mexican resort timeshare fraud linked to cartel | AP News

Thank you, Irene, and all who contributed to the research and also provided valuable information. This article is a clear example of how careful you have to be when engaging with unknown people on Social Media, in this case, a person and his minions with a less-than-spotless reputation and criminal history to boot.

The Fb Group in question along with many others do allow “industry” employees to join, we see no problem with that, provided they do not use it for solicitation purposes. In fact, we have had some very useful information for members supplied in this way, or even clarification on questions asked. That is the purpose of our social media platforms.

For people such as these to abuse the openness of these groups and also prey on the vulnerable is in my book an offence which warrants jail time. It is all about TRUST, that trust was broken, and there is no excuse the perpetrators can give that can justify the tactics they used.

07:30 BST

AIT has not received any response from Lemon Lion, but we can tell you another name associated with Lemon Lion has been removed from the Westgate Timeshare Hostages Facebook Group. The name used is Ben Cruz, this is after AIT sent a copy of the article and our intention to publish today.


European Order for Payment (EOP)

It has been brought to our attention by our friends at the TCA that a disturbing scam has developed primarily targeting Ex-timeshare owners in the UK, many of whom are elderly. Using scare tactics ex-owners are told that an EOP is going to be issued in 30 days for the collection of “arrears” in maintenance, even though they have been out for years, and legally.

They cite many regulations, many regarding Brexit, which most find confusing anyway, but as usual, the emphasis is on scaring the victim into paying up.

The companies named that are believed to be using this scam are:

  • European Debt Recovery
  • Contract Debt Relief Centre
  • Northgate Financial Recuperation
  • AML Executives
  • Horton Financial

Please be aware that they will change their names at the “drop of a hat”, but the pitch will be along the same lines.

For the full TCA article please follow this link:

European Order for Payment (EOP)



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