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Welcome to the start of another week with AIT bringing you the news and information the industry doesn’t want you to know, so we begin this week with our usual round-up of what has come to our attention over the weekend.

Obviously, for many of our US readers, one topic that has been at the forefront of many conversations is the devastation caused by the wildfires on Maui. At first, the conversations were about the conflicting reports on whether to travel or not, with airlines saying don’t travel and resorts saying we’re open as normal.

Then as the news began to filter out, it was clear the situation was worse than first envisaged, judging by the images being shown this morning on different news channels, it is a huge disaster. An entire coastal town and popular resort were levelled, homes and businesses destroyed, and according to one report, there is a distinct lack of places where the “refugees” can be accommodated, with one volunteer explaining that there was a huge housing crisis on the island before this.

I don’t know about you the reader, but should the resorts & hotels not affected by damage, and that includes the timeshare resorts, be turned over for emergency accommodation?

So far, we have not heard or seen any news to this effect, we did however hear of one landowner who has handed over a substantial area of land to be used to erect emergency housing. The bases are reportedly already being laid.

Come on developers, step up to the mark, for once do what is right and not what is profitable.

Drone footage from YouTube.

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Staying with our friends from across “The Great Lake”, here is a little taster of what Friday’s offering has in store for you.

It is a subject that has been featured in many articles and one was dedicated to it, “Celebrity Endorsements”.

As the above article shows, this is nothing new, as consumers we have grown accustomed to being influenced by celebrities endorsing products in adverts, products that range from coffee to investments, and timeshare has been no exception.

Friday’s little ditty is titled “Dave Ramsey Files Motion to Dismiss $150 million lawsuit”.

It seems that Mr Ramsey is not very popular with “followers” of his show who trusted him and his “advice”, and it all revolves around his “endorsement” of a timeshare exit company with a less than spotless reputation.

A date for the hearing has been scheduled for 15 September 2023, in The United States District Court For The Western District Of Washington At Seattle, with The Honourable James L. Robart presiding.

So put Friday on your calendar for the full story.

PDF of Plaintiffs, Defendant and Table of Contents.

wawd-2_2023-cv-00630-00025 Ramsey M2D Pages 1 – 2

Once again, our friends at the TCA have been highlighting a disturbing “Con” which is targeting mainly elderly ex-timeshare owners, it revolves around “alleged” arrears in maintenance fees. In most cases, the victim had been free from their timeshare for many years, but not according to the cold caller.

The ruse that is being used is the threat of legal action being taken by the resort for arrears and using the “European Order of Payment” system, with the victim being sufficiently frightened to pay the scammers to defend them.

It is one big con, the EOP went out of the window when the Brexit Transition was completed a couple of years ago, to read the TCA update on this story please follow the link:

That is all for today, we hope you all had a great weekend, the house has been empty without Baby Dog, he is away with his Hooman cousins and by all accounts he is having great fun at the park.


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  1. Sherida Nett

    “You will know them by their fruits.” If these resorts cannot reach out to the destitute, then it is clear to the public who they are. We should all write the resorts we are dealing with to ask them if they are helping. If Vacation Village has resorts in Maui, I will be asking them in my bi-weekly letters to them.

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