Monster Group: CPS Charge 18 After Fraud Investigation

Five years ago the news was announced that the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit, had begun an investigation into the activities of several Mark Rowe Companies. These were: Monster Group Travel, Monster Rewards and

Mark Rowe: That smile will soon be gone!

On 2 February the news being eagerly awaited by many of the “victims” has finally been announced by the Crown Prosecution Service.

In a statement issued by the CPS, they have authorised the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit to charge 18 persons with a total of 79 counts relating to the large timeshare fraud which targeted timeshare owners, estimated at £25 million.

The charges laid against the following are:

Conspiracy to Commit Fraud between 1 January 2013 and 31 January 2017, while being directors, sales staff and administrators of the named companies. These are:

  • Mark Rowe, 51, of the Taunton & Tenerife
  • Simon Walker, 55, Tenerife
  • Louise Matthews-Oakenfold, 49, Tenerife
  • Jodi Beard, 39, Tenerife
  • Deborah Frost, 58, Tenerife
  • Samantha McCaulay (nee Jackson), 48, Tenerife
  • Joanne Physick, 42, Tenerife
  • Paul Harrison, 51, Dorset
  • Nihat Salih, 53, Dorset
  • Lisa Salih, 52, Dorset

The following persons have also been charged with Money Laundering between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2017 while being directors of Monster Credits:

  • Mark Rowe (as above)
  • Nicola Rowe, 50, of Taunton & Tenerife.

Two women have been charged with Committing Fraud between 1 August 2015 and 31 December 2017 while working in administrative roles:

  • Deborah Frost (as above)
  • Samantha McCaulay (nee Jackson, as above)

A further nine people have also been charged with six separate counts each along with Committing Fraud against purchasers of Monster Credits between 1 October 2016 and 31 January 2017. These are: 

  • Paul Harrison (as above)
  • Barry Fox, 66, Worcester
  • David Taylor, 62, East Yorkshire
  • Paul Fowler, 63, Bournemouth
  • Lee Evans, 48, Lancashire
  • Nihat Salih (as above)
  • Lisa Salih (as above)
  • Ian Frost, 50, Tenerife
  • Josephine Cuthill-Fox, 57, Worcester

Joanne Taylor, 47, East Yorkshire, has also been charged with five separate Fraud offences and Committing Fraud against the purchasers of Monster Credits between 1 October 2016 and 31 January 2017.

In addition to the charges of Conspiracy, Louise Matthews-Oakenfold (as above), has also been charged with three Forgery Offences and Simon Walker (as above) has been charged with three Fraud Offences.

In a statement by Peter Highway, the Senior Investigating Officer of ROCU said,

“This is clearly a significant step forward in a complex fraud investigation that began more than five years ago and has affected thousands of people who have collectively invested upwards of £25 million.”

The Chief Crown Prosecutor, Andrew Penhale, stated,

“The CPS has reviewed a file of evidence from South West Regional Organised Crime Unit and has authorised the investigation team to charge 18 people with 79 offences related to a timeshare fraud.”

The case is due to have its first hearing on 31 March 2022 at Westminster Magistrates Court.

We also have to ask the question: where does this leave the Spanish side of the company, will the authorities step up their investigations and bring criminal charges?

That is something we shall have to wait and see.

The full transcript is below in PDF format.

CPS and South West Regional Organised Crime Unit charging statement on a large-scale timeshare fraud _ The Crown Prosecution Service

So there we have it, as you will also notice some of the names are also very familiar, especially those who had dealings with Resort Properties/Silverpoint. We know that in his early days Mark Rowe was very much part of that team.

Another name that has been recognised by past “clients” is Paul Fowler, but the most significant name is David Taylor.

His involvement with the sales for Resort Properties/Silverpoint is also very questionable, in fact, he has shown himself to be devious and not to be trusted, we say this without reservation as the link to the video will show.

This video, taken by a “client” who as you will see has very serious questions regarding his purchase and all the promises made.

David Taylor uses all the excuses under the sun to deny any liability, even to the point of stating that none of the clients “DATA” regarding his investment purchases is available to Silverpoint. Apparently, this is due to “Data Protection”, Silverpoint is not allowed access to “clients” sales history.

Very strange considering that they are one and the same company, plus if a company “takes over” another, surely, they will have access to the client’s data, after all, are they not, now responsible for those clients?

In desperation he makes several promises, nothing actually in writing, well not officially, but the offer and promises are subject to the “client dropping” his case in the Tenerife courts against Silverpoint, a case that he is probably implicated in!

So as you will appreciate, many people including myself will be watching this case as it unfolds. We can also hope that the investigation being conducted into Silverpoint in Tenerife will eventually lead to charges against him and many others.

Youtube Video of David Taylor in action.

As we have seen in the past, this news is going to be seized upon by the “scammers & fraudsters”.

It is highly likely that this news will be manipulated to entice you to take up any offer of “compensation” or be part of the “legal action” or whatever else they can dream up, including “money has been seized by the Spanish Courts” etc. This you will be told is yours as your name has come up on documents, all you need to do is pay whoever scammer is calling and the cheque will be on its way.

This is an “opportunity” that will not be missed by the crooks, probably the very same ones who scammed you years ago.

This case has only just begun, there is a long way to go yet before they begin to “seize” any money to “hand out”. Once the trial is over, we will probably see a further investigation under The Proceeds of Crime Act(This link will take you to the full Act). This will be against the companies and the persons found guilty. 

It will not be until this time that any “victim who is part of this case” will get anything back. We also have to remind you that there are also charges of Money Laundering, to us, this means the money has been whisked away and is unlikely to be found.

If you begin to receive calls regarding this or any other “compensation claim”, please use our contact page and let us know. It is your information that will prevent others from being caught out.

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