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Firstly, apologies for publishing late and the lack of an article, with the new look website there are a few teething problems and pages to be added plus a little tweaking as well to the content. Whether we have something for Wednesday we shall have to wait and see, but we will be publishing the last article before Christmas from Irene Parker on Friday.

You may have noticed that the menu items Articles and Contacts now have sub menus, Serialised Articles and Social Media Groups.

In Serialised Articles, we will be adding those which are either in several parts or otherwise linked by subject such as the Consumer Awareness series. This way you will be able to find them all in one place.

The subheading Social Media Groups will list the groups on various social media platforms specific to resorts & developers. These are a great source of information, although we must warn you that although these are closed groups, persons with fake profiles have joined and sown a lot of misinformation and discord in the past.

If you have a group on social media and would like to be included, please email from the AIT Contact page and we shall review your request.

Your group must be closed and dedicated to informing members of that particular resort or developer or it is campaigning for justice for its members.

We will not include any group which is soliciting clients or is working on behalf of the industry.

You will also notice that our first “Event” has been posted on the events calendar, this can be accessed from the Tarda News menu and click on the Event Calendar bubble . This will take you to the events list, once there choose the event and the page with all the information and location will miraculously appear.

The first event is from the Westgate Timeshare Hostages Fb group, for further information click on the link and have a look.

We will be happy to include other events not associated with “Sales Presentations” or any other form of soliciting for clients. Please get in touch with us by email if you would like to be included with the details of the event, once it is accepted it will be published.

AIT & TARDA hope you enjoy the new website and find the information useful; our aim is to provide all timeshare owners with the correct information for whichever timeshare-related problem you face. After all, there is an old saying in Latin:


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