New Look, New Partners, Same Mission

Our scheduled article on MacDonald Resorts and the property question has been put on hold as we are waiting for some confirmations, there was also another development which came quicker than anticipated. The combining of After Inside Timeshare & Timeshare and Resort Developer Accountability (TARDA) websites.

We are pleased to announce that all the information from both websites will now be available in one place, making it much easier for you, our readers. At present, the TARDA website is still live, and the links found here will take you there, this will be changing in the future once the “techy” stuff is sorted out.

The merger is a result of around eight years of collaboration with Irene Parker, a Board Member and founding member of TARDA. Irene began writing for the old publication Inside Timeshare with the regular “Friday’s Letter from America”, and we have been working together ever since.

Combining the websites was mentioned as an idea during a conversation and today you see the result. It makes very good sense as our aims are on the same path, greater clarity and honesty, not just in the sales of timeshare but throughout your timeshare journey.

Over the years we have published stories under the banner “Nightmare on Timeshare Street” because that is what they have been. One of the first for Timeshare Insider was the long-running story of Mrs B (Mrs Price) and MacDonald Resorts. It was a battle which took over five years to resolve.

Recently Irene ran a series on Veterans & Active-Duty Personnel being harmed by timeshare. We encountered stories which do make your blood boil.

We will continue to publish these stories and will also keep you informed of any resolutions, sometimes we can only tell you it is resolved due to “gagging orders” in agreements.

As part of our Consumer Awareness series, the new “Scammers & Cold Callers” will be identified and their Modus Operandi explained. The unfortunate thing is that these seem to be never-ending, as their names change more often than Prime Ministers in the UK.

We will also be keeping you apprised of court results with editorial comments on possible repercussions to consumers or the industry. As you will be aware Irene has written on these cases and continues to monitor developments.

We hope you enjoy the New Look website, new pages will appear on the menu as we move along, so watch out for the sub-menus which will be appearing, so explore and we hope that you find something useful for your own situation.

Thank you for your continued support




  1. Benn Dover

    Looking forward to this! You all do great work! Thank you for everything you do!

  2. Sherida Nett

    The site looks great!

    1. Irene Parker

      Thank you!

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