New Video Library Added & Review of Monday’s Article

A new feature has been added to the Resources & Links Menu, there is now a sub-menu YouTube Library, these pages now host “Timeshare Aware YouTube Library”. These will enhance the resource links with more information which is there to help you the consumer, some of these YouTube links have already been published in several past articles.

At the moment there are four pages of links split into the following:

Page 1: Network and Cable News Coverage

Page 2: General Topics YouTube

Page 3: Timeshare Developer-specific YouTubes

Page 4: Scams & Miscellaneous

As we receive notifications of new items which may be of interest and useful to readers, they will be reviewed and added to the library for easy access. Many of these clips are actual timeshare consumers with their own “Nightmare on Timeshare Street” stories and put real faces to the tales and not just the written word.

Just to lighten the mood we will also add clips (yes there are some) with a humorous slant on timeshare, my personal choice which has been added to Scams & Miscellaneous, is a wonderful example of the “Presentation”, with the late Rik Mayall playing the part of the timeshare sales rep, from the comedy film Oh Marbella.

Although the clip from the film is only 5 minutes, it does show how the presentation works, and Rik plays the “slimy” rep to a tee.

We hope you enjoy and find these clips useful as our goal is to:

  1. Raise Consumer awareness concerning the “oral representation” clause
  2. Improve communication between developers & timeshare members/owners
  3. Promote a viable secondary market


Following on from our Monday article, our look at employment and the view of the Delaware judge seems to have sparked some debate, especially on the point of “seasonal work”.

Speaking with friends who have lived, worked and owned businesses in Spain, they also pointed out a very good reason for the “negative perception” of these “seasonal” jobs.

In the past these were known as “working on the black”, in other words, there was no contract, no tax and social security were paid with pay being the very lowest you could find with very long hours. Basically, the worker had no rights, it was also very rare for the authorities to “police” this sector with unannounced visits by what was euphemistically called the “Contract Police”. The attitude was quite simple, as most of these “jobs” were filled by young people who used them to pay for their extended stays and party, they didn’t matter.

Things have changed, it is now very common for visits to take place regularly, this means the “employer” must have all the paperwork in order and all their employees on contracts, even if they are only temporary. It also means the employee has their rights and at the end of their “seasonal contract” can sign on the unemployed register.

Yet the old perception still persists on seasonal work, for those still in the EU, the prospect of travelling and working for the “summer” legally is still an easy option, for those no longer in the EU the task of filling one of those jobs is a little more difficult.

For business, seasonal workers have their place, no business can employ the numbers of staff required during the busy periods when the season is at an end. For bars and restaurants that cater for specific nationalities, being able to employ “native” speakers for those periods is also a plus, benefiting both parties.

But this still does not answer our original question “How does timeshare increase employment opportunities?”

Don’t hold your breath for an answer.

The Delaware judge who claims that timeshare is not “goods or services”, has certainly got some people’s backs up.

It is unbelievable that a judge in the middle of a trial dismisses certain aspects of the case, basically saying they are “irrelevant”, yet that is what he has done, regardless of any evidence that is available.

Have the developers swayed the judge’s opinion in their favour, or is it just laziness on the part of the judge?

Those are the top questions being discussed and it seems that opinion is a bit of both, which unfortunately makes a mockery of the law. It is this behaviour and attitude which does not help the consumer but gives power to the developer who has the financial backing you and I don’t have. Protection of the law is only available if you can afford it.

That is all for today, enjoy the video links and join us for Friday’s article “Media Flurry Following John Oliver’s Timeshare Segment on ‘Last Week Tonight’”, which fits in nicely with the launch of our new section today.


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