Offered a “Bargain” Holiday? It may not be what it seems

Although a rescheduling of an appointment at the last minute can be a little infuriating, in this instance yesterday was actually a blessing in disguise. The proposed article would have been about yet another elderly widow having problems with their exit, again it was a case of believing they were out after paying an “exit firm” to do the “job” several years ago.

After a very long delay, the timeshare company has closed the matter and confirmed they are now legally out. In this instance, we have agreed to the wishes of our reader and not named the resort which has also removed all arrears of maintenance, nice to publish a good outcome for a change.

So, as that article has gone, we have been left to cobble together a quick look at one of the items we have been told about, we begin with a warning posted on one of the Facebook groups regarding cold calls and possible scams.

The BBC consumer program “Rip off Britain” recently highlighted the story of a holiday firm offering “Special Deals”, always an alarm bell ringer that one, the deal, “7 weeks holiday anywhere in the world for a one-off payment of £1,560.

Apparently, when the consumer tried to book, he was told it would cost another £800!

Timeshare owners are very used to these types of cold calls, they are what are termed “Fly Buys”, The way this works is very simple, the more exotic locations will have “no availability”, leaving the usual European destinations. Now, when I say European destinations, what I actually mean is “timeshare hotspots”.

The whole purpose of the exercise is to get you on a presentation for either a timeshare or a holiday club, nothing more and nothing less. As part of the deal, you will be expected to attend a “sales presentation”, no matter how they word it. Failure or refusal to do so may result in a full Invoice being presented for the accommodation or being turfed out, it is in the small print and it has happened.

At present there are around twenty (live) firms in operation, with an association with a company based in Alicante, Spain called Easy Consulting SL, which has been around for years.

Two of the companies are Platinum Weeks and Exclusive Weeks, both websites are very similar, especially when it comes to the “Resort Directory”.

On having a very quick gander at the resorts “available”, all do appear to be timeshare related, once again the alarm bells are ringing loudly.

Now what does appear to be very strange is the fact these are timeshare resorts, yet Timeshare Business Check and Timeshare Task Force, who are RDO funded, have a very critical “WARNING” about them.

We do just wonder what is going on here, the resorts accepting “bookings” from these companies, yet the “Industry Trade Body” has its minions lambast them with a very negative review?

I can’t help wondering about double standards and could the reason be they have not paid to become members of the RDO? We have said in the past, “Not a member, then your fair game”. We should also take into consideration that some of the European resorts may not be RDO members themselves.

That aside, it is clear these calls are nothing more than timeshare and holiday club marketing making a reappearance.

This is a list of companies associated or linked with Easy Consulting SL, this has come from Timeshare Business Check.

  1. Bonus Breaks
  2. Bonus Extra Weeks
  3. Couples and Family Resorts
  4. Direct Resorts International
  5. Direct Resort Promotions (DRP)
  6. Easy Consulting SL
  7. Exclusive Time Online
  8. Exclusive Weeks
  9. Extra Weeks (no longer live)
  10. Extra Time Online
  11. Hotels VIP
  12. Love All Inclusive
  13. Love All Inclusive Asia (no longer live)
  14. Love All Inclusive Canaries (no longer live)
  15. Love All Inclusive Caribbean (no longer live)
  16. Love All Inclusive Med (no longer live)
  17. Love All Inclusive USA (no longer live)
  18. Platinum Weeks
  19. Premium Breaks
  20. Resorts Direct
  21. Reward Breaks
  22. Sky Breaks
  23. Sponsored Breaks
  24. Sponsored Weeks
  25. The All Inclusive Club
  26. The Gift Company
  27. The Ultimate Holiday Package (no longer live)

Cold calls which also include unsolicited Emails, Texts or even “snail mail”, should always be treated with caution, nothing is as it seems and it could cost you more than you bargained for.

That’s all for today, Baby Dog was given a new toy, I just wonder if this is up to the job.


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