Our Tribute to The Queen


Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II June 2, 1953

By Irene Parker

After Inside Timeshare is published in Spain by Charles Thomas, who is British. We, therefore, pause to honour The Queen. Fridays are typically reserved for articles from and about American timeshares. We will publish today’s article tomorrow. Charles has been a long-time student of history. He will add his remarks today about the reign of a remarkable Monarch.

In 1971 circumstances in my life took me to England to find refuge. A part of my heart still remains in London. The people of England welcomed this Missouri Yankee with open arms. The personality of the Queen was felt throughout the country and throughout the world back then, as she is felt today, as we all mourn her passing.

Charles and I have been collaborating since 2016. It’s been a blessing to still have some ties to the British, which has allowed me to remain observant of proper English, and to preserve a bit of the British culture I so came to love.

The girl who would become Queen

By Charles Thomas

It is a twist of fate that Princess Elizabeth, became heir to the British Throne, her Father Albert Frederick Arthur George was the younger brother of Edward who was to be King. He inherited the Crown in January 1936, but by December he had abdicated over his love for Wallace Simpon. His younger brother became King George the VI and Princess Elizabeth became Heir.

Coronation of King George VI 12 May 1937

There were to be tumultuous years ahead with the advent of World War II and the Monarchy became the symbol of defiance against an overwhelming threat. The King even refused to leave with his family for the safe haven of Canada. Princess Elizabeth eventually did her bit and joined the Auxilary Territorial Service, or ATS as they were known. She learned to drive and even got her hand’s dirty tinkering with the engine. She was just one of the “girls”.

Princess Elizabeth in her ATS working uniform

On the death of her Father King George, she became Queen Elizabeth II, a new Monarch for a new age.

In the same way, as her late Father and her late Mother had gained the respect and love of the people with their walkabout visits around the country, she continued with this and certainly made it her own.

She was also the Head of the British Armed Forces, taking her role as Commander in Chief very seriously. She would until recent years always wear Military Uniform and usually on horseback, especially for The Trooping of the Colour. This is a ceremony marking the official birthday of the British Sovereign for over 260 years.

Trooping the Colour

Her devotion to duty is staggering, 70 years of service as Queen, this was certainly celebrated this year with the Platinum Jubilee with street parties and events galore. One of the highlights was the flypast over Buckingham Palace with Her Majesty looking on from the famous balcony.

The fly past with Prince George covering his ears.

Another highlight was the broadcasting of Her Majesty having Tea and Marmalade Sandwiches with Paddington Bear. It is not the first time she has taken part in something like this, remember the 2012 London Olympics?

For those who never saw the Paddington Tea Party, here it is.


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To end this short tribute we leave you with my favourite drawing, Of Paddington leading the Queen by the hand with a Gorgi in tow, and I’m sure he is saying, “Don’t worry Ma’am, I’ll show you the way to Phillip”.

Thank You Ma’am for your years of devotion and service.

Long Live The King



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