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On this page, you will find information & links to various agencies and consumer guides when you need consumer information regarding your timeshare, credit cards or finance agreements.

There are two sections, Page 2 at present lists the main resources for UK citizens. For EU citizens please email any enquiries.

The second section, Page 3, is for our US readers and covers all the bases. Our US team has spent a lot of time and effort in providing a list of recommended services, all have proven over the past few years to be trustworthy and ethical.

For those who own US timeshares and are not US citizens or residents, please email your enquiries using our contact page as your circumstances are very different.

Relinquishments “Exits”

Your first port of call should always be your resort, in many cases the resort will not deal with any third party, only the member direct.

Cold Calling companies, some purporting to be law firms, are at the forefront of this part of the timeshare industry, the number of “exit” companies is phenomenal, with more appearing each week. Most are well-known “scammers” who change names more often than a model at a fashion show.

There are some genuine law firms and companies out there, but they are few and far between. Our Social Media page lists some of the Facebook Groups where further information can be found from other members. Again, please be aware that not all those who reply to comments are genuine members, so your due diligence is paramount.

Short Cuts to  UK & US pages, click on image.

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