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Welcome to the start of a new month with AIT, today we have a look back at a few important articles during September, from our Consumer Awareness & US Consumer series. But we begin with an update to our article published on 29 September, Paid for Articles and Advertising, the “exit” company who is behind the “paid for article” have struck again.

This time the paid advert in the guise of “timeshare information & advice” has been published in none other than Jewish News, a publication which covers the Jewish community in Greater Phoenix and Northern Arizona.

As one of my friends with family ties to the New York Jewish community said, not really the best place to place it, every Jewish family has a lawyer in it somewhere!

Joking aside, once again this article is full of inaccuracies and untruths, it is again designed to “scare” timeshare owners into making contact.

The opening paragraphs tell you straight away that something is not quite right, and the rest will point in the same direction.

“Buying a timeshare has been the need of the hour, and you have to now! That’s a great decision, but the happiness you’re getting from signing the contract will be limited till you look for ways to cancel the timeshare.”

“If you’re one of those from this population who wants to exit the timeshare without getting into hot waters because it wasn’t the legal path you opted for, then this is the right place you’ve ended up at. We’ll give you the 4 best pieces of advice you need while you figure out ways for how to cancel my timeshare.”

As for the standard of writing, I am sure a 10-year-old could do better, but as usual, we will let you decide for yourselves. If you are unable to access the link, A PDF of the article has been provided with some highlights.

The website itself was registered in 2017 and is due to expire in 2023 unless they renew, yet according to “Who We Are” they state: “We have worked to help customers cancel their timeshare contracts since 2009. We have more experience than anyone, hence our motto “Only the Best is Good Enough.” (Tell that to your article writer).

Hopefully, we may have a coming article on this subject by one of our attorney contributors, so watch this space.

Best advice you need while canceling your timeshare legally | Blog |


Highlighted Best advice you need while canceling your timeshare legally _ Blog _

September’s Consumer Awareness series kicked off with Exits: Genuine or Fake, Are You Out?

 It is the Anatomy of the exit scam and it is based on the true story from one of our UK readers, the names used are fictitious, but how it works is all too clear.

Following the previous story, we published A Legalised Scam?

Again this is based on a true story with names changed for legal reasons, but it highlights a very important point for anyone contemplating using an “exit” company, especially via a “cold call”.

Our next article is in the same vein as previously, in Timeshare Scams Unveiled it looks at the scam involving timeshare previously and legally exited by the member and the timeshare company. A tactic that has increased recently.

Our next article Azure Loans Refund Process Direct from BPF contained information regarding the Azure loans and Barclay Partner Finance. It was a clear announcement from BPF that any consumer who purchased from Azure with a brokered BPF loan would be contacted. So once again the “cold callers” are giving out false information.

Our last Consumer Awareness article for September was Scams: A Never Ending List

It follows the long and complex trail of one company name which has recently appeared in “cold calls”. The important point of this article shows the great lengths “scammers” will go to hide who they really are.

Moving to our US series which certainly continues to cause a stir among timeshare consumers across The Great Lake, began with  Vacation Village and the ORAL REPRESENTATION CLAUSE by Sheri of Minnesota.

A subject we have heard about so many times and the response from the developer is always the same “We are not responsible for what our sales agents say”

Our resident contributor and US editor Irene Parker asks a very pertinent question: What Responsible Westgate Exit?

It is certainly a question all timeshare consumers would like an answer to.

Our next article does not need any explanation, it is straight out of a Hollywood script, so don’t watch the soaps, read this.

Sales Agent Sues Diamond Resorts – Alleging he was Required to Pitch Renting – Wyndham Sues Same Agent – for Renting!

AIT has many attorneys who follow our articles and some also peruse the US stories before publication, so we were delighted to publish this article from one of those attorneys, Timeshare Wars: An Attorney Speaks Out About Exit Companies and Developers

It is a subject we have followed before, but if you were not aware there is a huge battle being fought between Timeshare Developers, Exit Companies and Genuine Attorneys, with you my friends being caught in the middle.

So that is our round-up of the main September articles, let’s see what October brings, no doubt there will be more scams and maybe another Hollywood script. Baby Dog as usual has decided it’s time to play so that’s the rest of the day under his orders.


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      Thank you Becky for the link to “Should Publications Be Liable for Running Fraudulent Ads?” a very good point indeed.

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