Start the Week: Articles to Look Out For

Welcome to the start of another week, we thought we would begin with a quick look at some of the articles which are in the pipeline or scheduled for publication. Must admit, our Yankee friends are a little ahead with articles, ours tend to be more spur-of-the-moment pieces.

Although this is out of date order, it is one which our readers need to look out for, it is actually ready for publication. But in the spirit of “openness”, which this article is all about, we have Emailed Lemon Lion Consulting a copy and given them a chance to respond. Can’t wait to read it.

JULY 27: Lemon Lion Timeshare Exit Company’s Deceptive Tactics 

This is a long-running tale of pure deceit which we have followed since at least 2018, yes, I’m surprised we haven’t written about them before. One thing we can tell you is you will be shocked at the lengths these people went to.

Our next article from the writing desk of Irene to be published is

July 21: A Better Business Bureau Timeshare Report, Dismissed by ARDA Lobbyists – Mobius Vendor Partners Offer a Solution

This follows nicely from our introduction and series trying to explain who the hell is ARDA and their report published in conjunction with Skift. This particular article from Irene really does show how “concerned” ARDA really is towards consumers. Sorry, I had better explain, that is sarcasm.

We do have in the pipeline a similar series on the European joke known as the Resorts Development Organisation or RDO, ARDA’s “Mini-Me”. It still needs a couple of finishing touches but will be published soon. I promise!

Continuing our theme of Military Consumer Month, Irene has yet another sorry tale of how timeshare developers allow their sales agents to operate with impunity. Over the years we have received so many reports and testimonies and all have the same theme in common, Deceit.

July 28: Another Active Duty Military Timeshare Buyer with Security Clearance Concerns – Hilton Grand Vacations

Irene begins this article with a link to The Marne Minute- Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board, a video with the following introduction:

The Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board determines if an off-post establishment needs remediation or to be placed on the off-limits list due to the treat or current impact on life, health, safety, welfare or discipline of service members on Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield. On this week’s Marne Minute, Fort Stewart- Hunter Army Airfield Directorate of Emergency Services Director, Lt. Col. Kris Gardner gives us more information on the AFDCB.

It may be worth having a look at the link before we publish the article

As well as the link above there are others which will take you to our past reports and testimonies, if we were to list all those we have published in one article you would be reading it for days, maybe weeks.

Moving now to August and on the 4th it will be the turn of Westgate, yet again, if you notice all the problems about timeshare seem to emanate from the “big” names of the industry.

In this rather “wacky” tale, Irene explores the antics of probably one of the biggest jokes in US timeshare, I’m not going to divulge any more as it may spoil your fun, so look out for

August 4: More on Florida HB 869 – Westgate’s Incidental Benefits are Towels? 

That is all for today, we hope you all had a great weekend, looking at the news, it would appear that we have all been melting, I know I had to turn the freezer up as my ice cream was getting soggy. Baby Dog is “babysitting” his human cousins, so no new picture, but we did have a visitor, his pussy cat friend came to the window looking for him.


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