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The weekend is over, as if it ever began, along with being attacked by a playful Baby Dog the computer beckoned, emails & messages needing answering along with some extra research, so much for relaxing. Irene has also been busy with the court hearing she attended on the Steines v Westgate: Military Lending Act Oral Arguments case, her article has been brought forward to Wednesday, so final editing was also brought forward.

This case is being watched very closely by Veterans and their supporters, AIT has highlighted the problems of Predatory Military Lending in a series of 6 reports during Military Consumer Month, culminating with Report 6: Active Duty Air Force – Timeshare Renting Jeopardizing Security Clearances. We have also covered the demand by Westgate for Arbitration in the article by Larry Lobbyist back in June, The Military Lending Act and Westgate’s New Demand for Arbitration.

On the legal front in Europe, very little news is emanating from the courts, the only real movement is with Marriott who again are losing but complying with the courts and depositing the money with them within the allotted time. This does not mean to say the case is over, Marriott still has the right to appeal and will no doubt consider those options, by depositing the money voluntarily they are in fact saving money, so it has nothing to do with being “nice”.

It is also still very quiet on the “Liquidations” front, with Anfi, Silverpoint and Club la Costa with no real news on the progress of the administration process. These are not straightforward with some involving criminal investigations, and tracing of associates’ companies and assets, then there are the problems of jurisdictional issues.

In September we published “Anfi: The Liquidation Process Continues”, this followed a report from the Mercantile Court outlining the progress so far. As usual with everything legal, there was not much news for the clients with cases and awaiting payment.

With Silverpoint there is even less to report, as yet there has been nothing published from the Mercantile Court indicating where they are. We know this is a very complex matter with multi-jurisdictional issues regarding the movement of funds between various Limora Group entities. This is compounded by the “criminal investigation” that has been running for a very long time, until they complete their enquiries everything else is virtually frozen.

The only mention of this recently is a revamp of a previous article that was published in Canarian Weekly (A local English paper) titled, “Tenerife Timeshare Bankruptcy Leaves 1,500 Tourists Penniless”.

It doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know, there is nothing official from the courts, with lawyers representing many of these clients explaining that due to these complicated inquiries, it is unlikely if any will receive payments any time soon, if at all judging by the article. It is also very conspicuous by its absence from the mainstream Spanish press.

As for Club la Costa, there is absolutely nothing to report at the moment, we do know it was at the early stages when the jurisdictional issues were being resolved, along with a preliminary report on who will be priority creditors. So for those with claims outstanding, no matter which company, it is going to be a long wait to see if you do get anything back.

Moving now to “Cold Callers”, yet more BPF timeshare clients are being bombarded with calls about claims, all using company names which cannot be verified, either they don’t exist or are very similar to other entities. Some are chosen to show some form of “authenticity”, with one claiming to be calling from “Clydesdale”, the parent of BPF.

Whatever name they use, or what colourful story they tell you, it is a “COLD CALL”, with only one thing of importance, “TO GET YOUR MONEY”. For those with cases being dealt with by genuine lawyers and claims companies, there is only one thing to remember, if your own lawyer hasn’t told you, then how do these people know?

Sticking with claims and BPF, it is with pleasure that AIT congratulates those of the Azure & Barclays Action Group who have been posting the news of their payments. It seems that although BPF is incompetent when it comes to dealing with clients, probably due to the number of people who get involved with one case, they are doing what they said.

Along with all those happy people AIT would like to Thank Ivor Williams for all the hard work he has put into this. It is also one in the eye for the scammers who consistently told people it was too complicated for them to do it themselves. It has also coined a new saying: “Doing an Ivor” based on his tenacity*.

That is all for today, remember Wednesday is Irene’s report on the “Steines v Westgate” case, as we mentioned at the start, Baby Dog just wants to play.


*Tenacity Meaning

The quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; grip. “the sheer tenacity of the limpet”

the quality or fact of being very determined; determination.
“you have to admire the tenacity of these two guys”

the quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence.
“the tenacity of certain myths within the historical record”


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