The Veteran & The Ocelot

Welcome to the first article of the week, it has nothing to do with “timeshare”, although in a way it is connected to many of the stories we have published recently, they are the ones involving Veterans.

In all their stories one thing has been prominent, PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is something that is there but we as observers cannot see it, and in many cases the person suffering from it doesn’t even know it.

How these Veterans have been treated at the hands of “sales agents” and the timeshare industry is abominable, all for “profit” and no thought of any possible consequences.

A Story of Hope

Over the weekend a post appeared on my Fb feed, it was one of many from the Veterans Foundation, and is a story that instantly hit me.

It is the story of a very young man and an Ocelot, both suffering in their own way, yet a connection was made. This is very clear to see from this photograph.

Rather than re-write the story, I felt it was only correct to reproduce the original and insert a link to the page.

Afghanistan Veteran, Harry Turner formed an unlikely bond with an Ocelot whilst struggling with PTSD and depression.

Harry enlisted after leaving school and spent 6 months in Afghanistan during his service. He joined the army because he wanted to become a part of the brotherhood, but the horrific events that he witnessed led him to question the purpose of his life.

At 18 Harry was medically discharged. He had suffered with depression in the past but after returning to England began struggling with PTSD as well.

Having realised he wanted to spend his life helping animals, Harry booked a flight to Peru to volunteer with ‘Fauna Forever’, a group passionately involved with the conservation of ecosystems in Peru. Although Harry was travelling to help others, He ultimately went to Peru with the intention of ending his life.

“After a few weeks volunteering, however, I realised that, although I was in a bad place, the jungle was making me happy. I fitted in so much better.”

During Harry’s fourth trip to Peru he met an orphaned Ocelot kitten whose mother had been killed due to logging. Harry had previously attempted to rehabilitate another orphaned Ocelot, Khan, but tragically he had been killed by a poacher’s trap when he was 11 months old. Harry agreed to take on the kitten and decided to name him Keanu. Harry then spent many months living in the Jungle with Keanu; hunting, protecting, and raising him. When Keanu reached 14 months, he was capable of taking care of himself and was released back into the wild.

Harry’s story is truly inspiring, and we thank him for sharing his struggles with us all

‘Wildcat’ A film documenting Harry and Keanu’s journey will be released in late December, we look forward to watching.

Thank you to The Veterans Foundation for sharing this story, I am sure that all our readers will want to wish this amazing young man all the best for the future and to remember he is not alone.

We hope you had a good weekend, Baby Dog had a good run-around and has given me a bit of peace and quiet, how long for, no one knows.


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