Timeshare Humour: Is There Any?

After publishing yesterday’s article we turned to catch up with some of the posts on various timeshare groups, one caught my attention. It was posted by Benn Dover on Westgate Timeshare Hostages, a very interesting and informative group. Although a nom-de-plume, Benn Dover is currently working on an article for AIT, so watch this space.

We have all heard the comments in a conversation about timeshare, “you’ll never get me on a timeshare presentation”, many probably wish they never had attended, but the “presentation” has been used many times in comedy and satire.

One of my favourites has got to be the late Rik Mayall and his portrayal of the “typical image” of a timeshare salesman, Greg Dubois in Oh Marbella.

In the film which follows the escapades of several different people on their holiday to the Costa del Sol, with our young and not so “bright” couple on their first holiday abroad. God help them!

Their scene begins with them being picked up by the “ticket tout” in Torremolinos and taken by taxi to the resort in Marbella. Once there, they sign in to reception and meet their “Rep” Greg Dubois. Well, you all know the score.

Then it begins, the “sales pitch”, “the dream” and all attention is focused on the wife, hubby doesn’t stand a chance. Watch it on the link below and have a laugh.

Oh Marbella, Rik Mayall Timeshare Sales


Our next clip is the one posted by Benn Dover on the Westgate Timeshare Hostages Group. Considering the name of the group, this particular clip is very apt indeed.

Over the years, the main complaint we have heard from consumers has been about the presentation, the initial promise of 90 minutes, which turns out to be many hours. The worst we have ever come across was a timeshare presentation in Tenerife with our old friend’s Silverpoint, where a couple were “held” for 9 hours, even though the husband needed to take medication.

This clip from the series South Park called Timeshare Conspiracy, which I know is not everyone’s cup of tea, takes the idea of “Timeshare Hostages” to a new level, Enjoy.

South Park, Timeshare Conspiracy


In the second South Park Clip, I’ve got a little place in Aspen, we get the “investment” pitch for a Condo, I just wonder how many of you have heard that one?

South Park, I’ve got a little place in Aspen


Our last piece is not a cartoon or film, it is from a Satirical Magazine called the Halfway Post, again this was also posted by Benn Dover on Westgate Timeshare Hostages.

As we know Donald Trump has interests in the Timeshare Industry, even though he denied this point during his first election campaign, it was our old publication Inside Timeshare which broke the news in the US about his “Timeshare Interests” in Scotland. These articles focused on the legal battles in Scotland over the land.

This very humorous piece by Dash MacIntyre titled Donald Trump Is Now Selling Timeshares At Mar-A-Lago, envisages how Trump would sell memberships to his various properties with his new company “Trump Vacations”. Just don’t hold a hot cup of coffee while reading it.

Donald Trump Is Now Selling Timeshares At Mar-A-Lago


We hope you enjoy watching the clips and reading the satirical Trump, we can’t be serious all the time and through this type of humour hopefully, the message does get out,



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