Update: BBC Investigated Timeshare Termination Team in 2020

After the publication of our Monday article Claims & Exits: Another Dubious Player? Further information was uncovered, it appears the BBC investigated Timeshare Termination Team (UK) and broadcast a news report regarding fake online reviews. This in itself proves that this company could not be trusted then so can they now?

Their investigators found very suspicious Google reviews on their Profile, drawn to one outstanding review that they found to be totally fake. It was from “Richard Harrison” who stated that “Timeshare Termination Team had helped him with an unwanted timeshare”. 

It turned out the picture of Mr Harrison is actually a Tanzanian Government Minister, who had no knowledge of the company and had never heard of them. This is something we have seen before with the numerous “fake law firms” operating out of Tenerife and more recently with our article The Scams Just Keep Coming: US & UK Latest featuring Sonata Administration Services.

The BBC investigators also found other dubious reviews, all praising the company, one included a plumbing company in California!

On confronting the company, they were told the company was investigating, to which the BBC responded by saying the same suspicious Google reviews had also been republished on their website.

The BBC also noticed the same discrepancies as we did in our article, the dates of reviews going back to 2015, along with their “mission began in 2014” yet no trace of the company could be found prior to 2019.

In the link below you will find even more damning evidence, with links to other entities, all in the same business. It also explains how these “terminations” are made, a point that many timeshare owners have experienced, to their financial cost.

Considering all that has come to light so far, it is obvious that this company has no credibility at all.

So once again this is proof of how careful you must be when dealing with any cold call regarding timeshare, that making a decision to sign up, based on what you are told without the necessary due diligence will lead you straight into a scam.

Link to Timeshare Exit Concerns, a website operated by Kwikchex, which is funded by the RDO and also runs the Timeshare Taskforce.


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