US Developers Set to Destroy the Fabric of Loch Tay: Sign the Petition

Loch Tay, one of the most picturesque areas in the heart of Scotland, nestled at the southern end of the Cairngorms National Park, is under threat, not from anything natural, but greed. (Click on the pictures for link)

It is the target of a “CONSORTIUM” of American Billionaires who are intent on destroying everything this area represents.

This is nothing new for Scotland, only in the recent past have the people been walked over by their own government in the interests of American money, yes, we are talking about the Donald Trump Golf Courses and “TIMESHARE” developments located in Aberdeenshire and South Ayrshire.

The story of Trump’s involvement in Scotland is not a pleasant one, with the then First Minister for Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, being heavily involved in very unpopular and possibly illegal decisions. Some of these have also been attributed to her downfall and subsequent investigations.

Links to the news coverage surrounding Trump and his Scottish enterprises are at the end.

For those who know Loch Tay and the surrounding area, it is largely unspoilt by any major developments, there is however a timeshare presence with the Kenmore Club operated by Diamond Resorts. This is situated at the northern end of the loch and is not a significant blight on the landscape. We very much doubt this new development will be as “sympathetic”.

A petition has been started to gather as much support and make your views known, we urge you to sign.

The opening two paragraphs of the petition by Rob Jamieson say it all.

Why is this petition important?

Protect Loch Tay

The people of Scotland and our visitors from around the world stand to lose access to land around Kenmore and have our peace and tranquillity on and around Loch Tay destroyed by the Discovery Land Company’s overdevelopment at Kenmore. DLC plan to create a private resort for the mega-rich on over 8000 acres of land at Taymouth Castle, Glen Lyon and other areas around Loch Tay. Their sales brochure describes Scotland as an “untouched playground.” This whole area is a treasured part of our Scottish heritage and culture, and we seek to preserve it for every one of us, our children, our grandchildren and generations to come.

The developers are a group of American billionaires who specialize in exclusive gated “worlds” for the super-rich. This is not what Scotland is about. We don’t need an influx of American millionaires and their speed boats, water sports and helicopter taxis, destroying our peaceful loch which is enjoyed by not only local residents, but tens of thousands of visitors every year – by way of fishing, walking, canoeing, nature watching, sailing etc. All peaceful natural pursuits to our tranquil and beautiful Loch Tay.

We urge you to support this petition and sign, Let us all join together and put an end to the greed of these developers, with the agreement of your own Scottish government, it is nothing more than the exploitation of our natural resources. They belong to all the people and not just the “elitist” few.

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  1. Chris B.

    Americans, reach out to Scotland citizens. We need a global consortium of ethical folk to fight off the parasites. There are quite a few weak soul sellers that allow parasites to infect you; however, the hosts are more numerous than the parasites, so send the ticks and fleas packing.

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