When Help is Needed Who Do You Trust?

We all have problems to deal with, be they complaints about a product or service or in the case of our reader’s, timeshare. Most of the time we are able to do it ourselves without the need to “employ the services” of others, it is a case of just knowing what to do and how to go about it, for some, this is easy, for others it can be very daunting. If you do require “professional” help then that is where the problems begin, who to “Trust”.

Living in Spain there is a great deal of bureaucracy to go through, different agencies to deal with, documents are required from one agency in order to do something else with another. Then there is also the language barrier, do you feel confident enough to do it yourself?

As always there are some out there who do genuinely help, going through the procedures, what forms you need and which office to attend. They may even accompany you to translate in case of a problem. In general, these people show you how to do it yourself and are there if needed, but we do have those who do it purely for the money, making out that it is so complicated their “help” is invaluable and you will not be able to do it yourself, even down to “informing” you of “legalities” which don’t actually exist.

Sounds a bit like “Timeshare”, in a way it is, no matter what your need, there will always be some “company or person” with the “solution”, but the only way to achieve this “solution” is to pay them.

That is not the case, as, with anything in life, it is knowing how to do it, what the procedure is, what forms you need and all documents required are ready with photocopies, (yes, in Spain you need to ensure you have copies of everything). Then not to forget the one important factor, the confidence to do it.

One of the most common inquiries about timeshare is how to get out, followed by loan agreements brokered by the timeshare salespeople at the time of purchase. (More on loan agreements in another article).

These enquiries tend to be prompted by “cold calls” received regarding their timeshare, and all follow a similar pattern, an attempt to scare you into paying for their services as they are the only solution.

As far as terminating your contract is concerned, it really does depend on where and who you own with. In Europe, the major timeshare companies do have “exit” policies that do work, in the US it is a little different as unlike Europe, the timeshare laws for each state are very diverse.

We should also point out that in Europe, it has been well publicised by those timeshare companies, they will not deal with any third party for the termination, only with the member directly. Something which the “cold caller” will neglect to tell you.

Terminating your membership is something you can do yourself, you may need a little help in working your way through the system, just like myself with Spanish Bureaucracy, but it can be done.

There are many Facebook Groups, some are specific to developers, others more general, but there are some which are havens for the “trolls”. These are people who are “touting” for business, usually scam companies, quite often posing as a “consumer” which “Dodgy Exits Ltd” who helped them get out of their “repressive” contract, 5 STARS to them!

Again this is where you have to do your homework, sorting out the “chaff from the wheat”.

After Inside Timeshare has contacts with most of the genuine groups, these are “closed” groups to ensure privacy and we will be happy to direct you to the one most suited to your needs. This now brings us to a new website which AIT believes you will find very interesting.

Since publishing this article, all ties with Wayne C Robinson have been severed by many US groups and After Inside Timeshare, all previous recommendations have been rescinded.


The site has been started by Wayne C Robinson, the author of Everything About Timeshares: Before, During and After the Sale. He spent many years as a licenced real estate and timeshare salesperson, with many years in Mexico. He is also a US Military Veteran and was also a Journalist with the US Navy.

Wayne C. Robinson

The website itself is very informative, with links to many videos about the world of timeshare and some information that will shoot down the claims of the “cold callers”. Wayne also states quite clearly that getting out of your timeshare is something you can do yourself, you just need to know what to do.

Wayne’s solution is very simple, he will provide you with all the documentation and information you require, there is a fee, but unlike all previous “solutions” Wayne takes no up-front fee, he is paid once you are legally clear of your contract. * See note below.

Mexico is North America’s Spain when it comes to timeshare, a foreign country with different laws, a scammers paradise. We have seen this with all the “FAKE” law firms operating around Mexico Timeshares, all offering lawsuits and exits. Usually, these bogus lawsuits have already taken place and you are being informed of a huge “compensation” payout, you only need to pay some sort of “TAX” and you will get your money. This is usually accompanied by a fake letter from the Bank of Mexico, just to add credibility.

Don’t be fooled by these callers, real help is out there, you just need to find it and do your homework.

If you have a timeshare in Mexico, check out Wayne’s website, it may hold the key you need. If you have any questions or comments please use our contact page and we will get back to you, comments can be posted on the relevant article.

* Wayne has asked me to mention that he works with an agency that takes the up-front fee, this is held in an escrow account until the final documents are completed and approved by the client. Please Contact Wayne via his website for full details.

Since severing our ties, we have looked at the above statement and the paragraph it is linked with, and we noticed the inconsistencies in the information AIT was given. He stated that “no payment is made until you are legally clear of your contract”. Yet in his note, he states once the documents are “approved and accepted by the client”. That is a very big difference, we leave you the reader to figure that one out.

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  1. Irene Parker

    We have always been about self-advocacy as rarely is it necessary to pay anyone to be released from a timeshare, but if we have learned one thing it is that people need support and guidance.

    I edited Wayne’s book when it was about self-advocacy. I also wrote the Foreword. It was an honor (honour). I did not review the third edition before it was published. I still promote reaching out to your resort to resolve disputes. If unresolved and you feel you experienced unfair and deceptive practices our volunteers answer questions about filing complaints. Every state is different and the task can be daunting for some. Also, when there are multiple and similar complaints directed against the same agents, it a form of proof, kind of like why New York has a new Governor replacing the Covid rock star Governor.

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